Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chart of Human Evolution

As evolutionists struggle to come up with any credible family tree showing how they evolved with apes from a common ancestor, we have today released our Creation Tips Chart of Human Evolution from a biblical Christian point of view. This simple chart shows how modern humans have come from the first male and female on earth. Print out copies to share with your family, Sunday school, and Christian school teachers and parents. Frame a copy and hang it on your wall and you'll never be short of a conversation starter when visitors arrive.

I am not sure why the ladies had 'bob' hair style for a while!!!!!!

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filcon said...

many thanks for the chart and info of human evolution. it is the answer to science, "missing link" and it is only in the bible the story of first human beings were adam and eve. i am going to write a blog of the same evidence about it. Praise God!