Saturday, March 16, 2019



BY PROFESSION OF FAITH & BAPTISM.   If you will receive Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and Lord. Willing to follow Him in baptism by immersion, we welcome you into our fellowship.

BY LETTER.   As a Baptist whose church membership is else where, should God lead you here, we will be happy to welcome you into our church family. We will gladly take care of the appropriate details for transferring you membership.

BY BAPTISM FROM A DENOMINATION.   If you know in your heart that your are saved and want to become a member of Spruceland Baptist,  we invite you to join by Baptism. This is a public statement that you have accepted Christ and are open-heartedly accepting the doctrines of this Baptist Church.

BY STATEMENT.   In the event church membership records are not available for transfer of membership, we will accept you upon your statement of these conditions.

INFORMATION.   Pastor will meet you for interview, answer questions and pray with you about the will of God. 250 617 8200

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Only Believe

"ONLY BELIEVE." Unbelief is the root from which our fear, anxiety, and trouble springs. Faith will produce patience, peace, and expectation. Fear is a fault — faith is a Christian grace. We are required, let what will happen — to believe the character of Jesus, that he is kind and loving, true and faithful. Nothing can affect this, or produce a change in him.

We are to believe the power of Jesus — that he is able to do what we ask; yes, that he is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.

We are to believe the love of Jesus — that he is willing to do, and willing to give — whatever will be for our real welfare. Out of his own loving heart, the promise flows — and by his own almighty power the promise will be fulfilled.

We are to believe the word of Jesus, which is his bond, a bond which he cannot break. He will do — just as he has said. He will make good every promise he has given.

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Golden Rule - Ryle 1856

This is a golden rule indeed!(J. C. Ryle,1856)

“And ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them.” Luke 6:31

Jesus here lays down a general principle for our guidance in all doubtful questions between man and man.

We are not to deal with others as others deal with us. This is mere selfishness and heathenism.

We are to deal with others as we would like others to deal with us. This is real Christianity.

This is a golden rule indeed! It does not merely forbid all petty malice and revenge, all cheating and deceit. It does much more. It settles a hundred difficult points, which in a world like this are continually arising between man and man.

It prevents the necessity of laying down endless little rules for our conduct in specific cases. It sweeps the whole debatable ground with one mighty principle. It shows us a balance and measure, by which every one may see at once what is his duty.

Is there a thing we would not like our neighbor to do to us? Then let us always remember, that this is the thing we ought not to do to him.

Is there a thing we would like him to do to us?
Then this is the very thing we ought to do to him.

How many intricate questions would be decided
at once, if this rule were honestly used!