Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Gospel of Labor Day


The Gospel of Labor Day

I’m not interested in Religion, but I’m deeply interested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then what’s the difference?

I would not cross the street for another Religion, but I’d circle the globe for the Gospel.

Religions are man-made, the Gospel is God-given.

Religion is what man does for God, the Gospel is what God does for man.

Religions seek harmony with gods, the Gospel is God seeking us.

Religion is man climbing the ladder of self-righteousness hoping to meet God on the top rung. The Gospel is God coming down the ladder through His incarnation to meet sinners on the lowest rung.

Religion seeks good views, the Gospel shares “Good News.”

Religion might have some good advice, but the Gospel has a glorious announcement.

Religion is an effort to change man but it leaves him lost. The Gospel takes people from where they are to make us saved.

Religion leads to an outer reformation, the Gospel starts with an inner transformation.

Religions instill uniformity, but the Gospel has the unity of the Spirit.

Religion fails to give peace, the Gospel grants the peace that passes understanding.

Religions whitewash our sins, but the Gospel washes white as snow.

Religion will claim our merit, the Gospel embraces God’s mercy.

Religion says, “Do good and keep doing good, and eventually you will become good.” The Gospel says, “We are only good through the grace of God and then we’ll want to do good.”

Religion says, “Tell the truth and keep on telling the truth to be honest.” The Gospel says, “Surrender your sins to God, and then you will love the truth.”

Religions say you must try, but the Gospel says to trust!

Religions teach to develop yourself, the Gospel says to deny yourself.

Religions think we join with God to save ourselves, the Gospel is about being saved by surrendering to the Savior.

Religion says to attempt, the Gospel is to accept!

Religion wants us to attain, the Gospel is to obtain.

Religion gives requirements and rules too heavy to follow, the Gospel is the relationship to sustain us forever!

Religion may give you something to live by, but the Gospel will give what you need to die by.

Religions have speculations on the gospel, while the Gospel has the assurance to be saved (1 Cor. 15:1-4).

Religions have spread across the face of the earth, but only the Gospel can take you to heaven.

Religion holds the vanity of wasted lives, but the Gospel holds our victory through the power of the cross.

Religions bring change but while leaving us lost, the Gospel begins from we are to give us eternal life.

Religions say to “Do this and do that - and you might make it.” The Gospel says, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!”

There are many Religions, but only one true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 ~ Chuck

Friday, August 22, 2014

What is Hamas?

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A brief history and rundown of what the Islamist group controlling Gaza is all about. Who are Hamas?