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I am a strong believer in the Second Coming of Christ, I am pre-trib and pre-mil no bones about it.

My first messaged I ever preach on a Wednesday Night in May of 1969 was "Here comes the Judge" a message on the Second Coming.

About eight years ago I received this email concerning the end times.

Where are we at in 2009, how many have come true or even close to being fulfilled.


I. Knowledge will increase (Daniel 12:4):

1) Intel recently built a computer that used a chip and ordinary components to perform a record one trillion transactions per second. (Portland, OR Sun Journal 12/17/96)

2) Micro-chips are being implanted in animals, special forces military personnel and soon ordinary citizens. Dubbed project L.U.C.I.D. the plan to implant citizens will combined with communications technology.

3) Cloning of mammals; scientists took brain tissue of a chicken embryo and gave the brain cells to a quail. They got a chicken that sings like a quail.

4) Torah codes that reveal the words Hitler, Auschwitz, Eichman, Holocaust, etc. were discovered a few years ago by Hebrew scholars in the Torah scriptures. Most recently it was revealed by Grant Jeffrey and Yacov Rambsel that Torah codes contain the name of Jesus (Yeshua) in several Messianic passages from Genesis to Malachi.

5) Microsoft the largest software company in the world bought the powerfully encrypted and two way, digital technology of Web T.V. The ability for the elite to communicate and monitor citizens will be in place in this powerful combination of digital computers and television.

6) Bill Gates with McCaw Communications and Boeing are poised to launch 840 low orbit satellites by the year 2001. This will provide the New World Order the ability to monitor and communicate with anyone any where in the world.

7) Artificial human cells are now being made.

8) The H.A.A.R.P military project outside Fairbanks, Alaska using a super computer and the world's most powerful electromagnet are conducting experiments affecting weather, causing earthquakes etc.

II. Diseases/Pestilence/Earthquakes (Revelation 6, Matthew 24):

1) A deadly strep mutation has occurred (dubbed the flesh eating bacteria).

2) Because of global warming, new studies by the World Health Organization reveal that diseases and pestilence spreading at much faster rates.

3) Parasitic diseases are infecting millions of Latin Americans.

4) AIDS epidemic is spreading like wildfire, and now affecting countries who didn't have many cases. Over 22.5 million cases so far world wide, and over 350,000 deaths in America.

5) 1 billion people are constantly hungry or severely malnourished. The US State Dept. revealed that new world trade rules eliminate food reserves. Grain levels are the lowest in 35 years worldwide, but we have hundreds of millions more people to feed (approx. 2 billion more).

6) The World Health Organization warns new infectious diseases are emerging at an "unprecedented rate" and more than 30 new contagious diseases have emerged in the last 20 years.

7) Exotic and more aggressive strains of AIDS are mutating and evading detection of regular testing.

8) Radiation levels are worsening according to NASA. Ozone depletion has been the most rapid in the past 15 years.

9) Unprecedented floods, storms, cold, droughts, and hurricanes, and more on the way.

10) Earthquakes, over 4000 in China and Japan a piece in the past few months. Killer quakes are occurring elsewhere now on a daily basis.

11) Large water shortage is occurring around the world and in the Middle East.

III. One World Economy, Government, Religion (Revelation 13):

1) European Union, (revived Roman empire of Daniel and Revelation) will now be issuing a common currency by January 1, 1999.

2) England fell into liberal leadership who will cause Britain to be absorbed into the EU.

3) A UN sponsored world army to train on US soil from April 17-27, 1997 in Texas and New Mexico. Black helicopters in US cities were recently verified by articles in the Washington Post and Charlotte Observer as part of urban assault training and "counter-terrorism exercises".

4) On March 25, 1997 the EU met in Rome. They decided that they will merge and have a common defense system, and that they need a "prominent personality" to "appoint" to give the EU a single voice in foreign policy.

5) Davos, Switzerland -Wire services reported on January 23,1997 that the "Illuminati" of the world's leaders met to chart a new world order.

6) Gorbachev held second State of the World Forum in San Francisco last Fall to plan a world government with a strong emphasis and reliance on a united religion.

7) World religion summit to meet in the June of 1997 to write a charter to unite all world religions. (California Episcopal Bishop William Swing & Catholic Cardinal Bertollini are leading the way)

8) Meetings of the G-7 nations recently determined that universal biometric cards are necessary for every man, woman and child in the world.

9) Japan planning to institute this system will be issuing permanent 10 digit number to citizens . Singapore has already started. Here at home the State of Illinois is requiring them now for welfare recipients

10) Centralized databases are being integrated and built for control and surveillance of citizens in industrialized nations.

11) Project L.U.C.I.D. utilizes implantable chips monitored by a vast communications systems, and is to be run by federal government agencies.

12) Another world economic meeting to convene in June 1997 in Colorado to help establish a world economy.

13) A recent secret Air Force report at Maxwell A.F.B in Alabama, listed China swallowing up S.E. Asia, a killer asteroid and appearance of a messiah as the three major events predicted to change the world in the near future .

14) New age messiah is being heralded to appear by the year 2000.

IV. Israel (Ezekiel 37 - 38):

1) Now a nation, 50 years, entering into the year of Jubilee (Ezekiel 39:25-29).

2) Prospering - this year was designated an industrialized nation. Amazing that 5 million people could compete with the nations dozens and hundreds of times larger than them.

3) Orthodox Jews are ready to rebuild temple like never before.

4) Red Heifer born miraculously and certified by head rabbis recently and has caught worldwide attention. This is a sign to Jews to rebuild the Temple.

5) Many great archeological finds in Israel.

6) Arabs/Islamic war imminent. Ezek 38:1-6 confederacy with Russia's assistance. According to all of the most respected intelligence agencies.

7) Syria and Egypt ready for war, Damascus will be destroyed. Isaiah 17:1, Daniel 11, King of the South.

8) Prayer on Temple Mount was recently declared o.k. by the Israeli high court and govt.

9) Muslims circulating maps without Israel, and Israel has shown maps without the Mosque.

10) World push for peace with Jerusalem at the center, read Zechariah 12:3 (very much a burdensome stone.)

V. Wars (Revelation 6, Matthew 24):

1) Now more wars than ever around the world.

2) A major US nightmare realized, Russia/China have joined together economically and militarily.

3) Muslim nations are in an arms race.

4) Russia and China are in an arms race with China arming themselves as fast as they can. Russia producing new nukes, submarines and deadly biological/chemical weapons.

5) Muslims have threatened U.S. and are reported by the government to have smuggled chemical/biological weapons into U.S.

6) Former C.I.A. director John Deutch recently warned of a tremendous growth in terrorism.

7) Top Israeli intelligence advisor Avi Lipkin warns of Islamic terror against U.S., Europe and Israel.

8) Christians are the most persecuted group in world (China, Middle East, Africa) primarily by the Communists and Muslims. Recently it was reported by Christian watch dog groups that more Christians have be killed in this century then all centuries combined!!!! (Revelation 6:9-11)

VI. Economic Collapse (Revelation 18):

1) Dow Jones is up & down despite the government's attempts to prop it up with false economic data.

2) Consumer debt is at all time high, and inflation is rampant despite governmental denial.

3) Arab oil embargo is planned against America and Europe and was recently threatened by Iran.

4) Stock prices are running 21-23 times earnings/profits on the U.S. stock market.

5) A crash will be the needed excuse to go to a cash less system (a crash is imminent!).

6) China is taking over Hong Kong to swallow up its hard currency, and seize the world's second most important financial center. This will devastate the world economy.

VII. Heavens (Matthew 24):

1) The Hale-Bopp comet now known to have been here last during flood/building of Noah's ark, according to Jewish and Harvard/Smithsonian authorities.

2) Universe is far vaster than thought disproving the scientific theories of a "Big Bang".

3) N.A.S.A. says the earth is going to be hit by a 1000 per hour meteorite storm in 1998, and in August 1999 it will be 5000 per hour. On Oct 5, 1998 a shower of 1000 shooting stars hourly will also occur.

4) Lunar eclipses this year, 3 in an old Jewish calendar year unprecedented with the moon red, sun black and all on Jewish high holy days. See Joel 2:30-32, all of this is portending the "great and notable day of the Lord."

5) Christian experts are expecting a false sign(s) of life in outer space or alien contact by New Agers and Federal Govt. to prove evolution and explain away the Rapture of the Bride of Christ.

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Prophetic. From a pre-trib, too.