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Violence in a mormon town

A ministry I'd consider is to daily stand at the Mormon temple in Nauvoo, Illinois with the truth about its history. On our last trip to Nauvoo, a police car pulled up behind us when we stopped at the Christian Center. A fine young policeman was new at the job and said he was a Christian taking personal interest in protecting Colleen, the lady from the center. He said the Mormons kept vandalizing her store, breaking in and destroying things, even throwing her books into the street and no one would stop them. Well, how much can one man do and I don't know if he is still there. Recently, Colleen retired and Rocky and Helen head up that ministry. We just got this from Christy at
another countercult ministry:

Imagine what it would be like to live where all of your neighbors hate you! That’s what Rocky and Helen are facing right now. They lead a Christian ministry in the heartland of Mormon Nauvoo, a city in Illinois that Joseph Smith and his followers founded. Smith had functioned as "Mayor" of the city until his death in a gun battle in the Carthage jail where he had been incarcerated for ordering the destruction of the printing press that printed a paper exposing his polytheistic and polygamous practices.

Recently, Rocky and Helen’s upstairs apartment in the "Nauvoo Christian Visitor’s Center" was vandalized and destroyed by angry Mormons in the area. The Mormon police are doing nothing about it. On top of this, several Mormons have been writing nasty things about them in the local paper and they have even received a death threat from a Mormon in Utah who watched Rocky’s weekly TV program "Truth Outreach" that exposes Mormonism. It airs internationally each Sunday evening at 9:30 AM and 10:30 PM (EST) on CTNi at: and is on local TV in several places in Utah. Please pray for God’s hands of protection to be upon Rocky and Helen as they stand for truth in the midst of people who hate the light – John 3:20. To learn more about their ministry and how you can help, see:

Mormon Nauvoo is a history of violence. In 1844
the the Nauvoo Expositor published an article by William Law who had served as Second Counselor to Joseph Smith. A growing number of Momons had just had enough of Smith. You see Mormon movies and it is just a lot of rewritten history about mysterious mobs who attack them, and things like burning one of their printing presss etc. However, Nauvoo gives an objective look at the truth. After reading this newspaper, Joseph Smith declared it to be a "public nuisance" and he was behind the Nauvoo violence. He ordered his people to destroy the printing press.

Mitt Romney
is not the first Mormon to run for the Presidency of the United States. The first wanting to do so was Joseph Smith himself. William Law exposed him, including polygamy. Among several charges he wrote, "we declare them to be heretical and damnable in their influence. . . . The question may arise here, in voting for Joseph Smith [for President of the U. S.], for whom am I voting? You are voting for a man who contends all governments are to be put down and the one [a Mormon theocracy] established upon its ruins. . . . You are voting for a sycophant, whose attempt for power find (sic) no parallel in history. You are voting for a man who refused to suffer criminals to be brought to justice, but in the stead thereof, rescues them from the just demands of the law, by Habeas Corpus. You are voting for a man who stands indicted, and who is now held to bail, for the crimes of adultery and perjury. . . . Query not then for whom you are voting; it is for one of the blackest and basest scoundrels that has appeared upon the stage of human existence since the days of Nero, and Caligula." Ex-LDS President Wm. Law, et al, Nauvoo Expositor, p. 3.

Among other things, Joseph Smith violated the First Amendment of freedom of press. So do whatever you have to do to censure the opposition in Mormonism.
As the Mayor of Nauvoo, Joseph Smith ordered the following:
"You are here commanded to destroy the printing press from whence issues the Nauvoo Expositor, and the type of said printing establishment in the street, and burn all the Expositors and libelous handbills found in said establishment; and if resistance be offered to your execution of this order by the owners or others, demolish the house; and if anyone threatens you or the mayor or the officers of the city, arrest those who threaten you, and fail not to execute this order without delay, and make due return hereon."

Then about three weeks later, after being jailed Joseph Smith was
killed by the Masons at the jail in an old west type gun fight where he killed two men.

Polygamy is a drain on the tax payer since we are the ones supporting a lot of the extra wives and children. Now polygamist, Eric Kingston, is running for office with the South Salt Lake City Council candidates. At 7:00 PM tonight, they will be available for questioning by the voters. I've been asked to go and inquire why someone from a polygamist group should be running for this office. I hope to free up the time to do this.
Appreciate your prayers.

Charlie Carle

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