Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 2 - Hallmark's short furlough 2008

It was 2:00 AM, and just south of Calgary, Alberta when our 1995 GMC turn over to 450,000.2 kms. So put over to get a snap shot of it.

We got a late start on Thursday so we drove thru the night. Stop at about 4:15 AM just north of Great Falls, MT. Caught a little shut-eye, it is great to have a roomy van.

Stop for breakfast at Flying J in Great Falls, MT and sign up for a month of internet wireless.

Drove 2,000kms or 1600 miles to Blackfoot ID. and getting some good sleep.

We walked over to Wal-mart, coming out Regena made comment about a shirt this fellow was wearing. The guy looked rough, long-oily black hair, tats etc... the shirt "Better to be an open sinner, then a false saint". The humour, this is 'Latter Day Saint country".

You keep praying and we will keep you posted.

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