Thursday, August 28, 2008


Oh LORD I know, that Thou art kind
To those who see, and to the blind
But LORD I know, that this I see
Thou art most kind, when on my knees

I seek O Lord, to follow Thee
O'er all the land, and all the seas
Where I can't go, send others LORD
To reach the lost, and preach Thy word

To help the weak, Thy grace to seek
To find by grace, Thy laws to keep
To show them how, by grace Divine
To know Thy will, and Heaven's time

It is growing late, in the Day of Grace
Thy wrath will soon, judge all our race
Thy trumpet sounds, the saved will rise
To our eternal home, beyond the skies

To dwell with Thee, eternally
Thy blessings then, as now shall be
But O the despair, of all who fail
Thy mercies now, by grace to avail

They will pray the mountains, on them to fall
Because on Him. they will not call
Sinner join us now, upon thy knees!
God's own power, the captive frees!

I praise thee LORD, for that glorious day
When from Thy love, I will never stray
When sin no more, will conquer me
And all around me, have been made free

Of selfish pride, and selfish ways
Of wasted time, and wasted days
Of all those sins, that trouble us
And all our days, will be glorious!

Dean McClain 7-31-2008 SLC, Utah

Brother Dean McClain - SAYS -
Why settle for a religion when you can have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ?
IF God is your co-pilot, change seats immediately!
IF God is not on board, bail out immediately!

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