Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ladies Modesty Course Book

I received the following from Pastor Bob Kirkland, at the bottom is the website.

You will find a 17 page pdf course on modesty and it is free. jnh

We have added to our website the materials from my wife's course concerning modesty.
After the school year began we asked our students to write some comments about the school.
Below are some excerpts from the comments our three high school girls wrote concerning this course.

Our first week in the Learning Centre - 2008
"I believe the biggest blessing for me is Mrs. Kirkland's "Ladies' Course."
I desire to learn about how I can be a God-honouring woman."

Chynna Vansickle
"The class that I like the most in this Christian School is the the Young
Ladies Class Mrs. Kirkland teaches. It is an inspiration to me because she can really relate to
circumstances that we are going through. We have only begun the introduction and I am already excited about the classes to come.
I have never been taught by Mrs. Kirkland but she lead my sister to the Lord, and now I understand why. When I first heard about this
class I was interested but not excited but now I can't wait for the next class."

Sarah Julien
"What I have enjoyed most this week is Mrs. Kirkland's Ladies Course. I have learned that from the moment that someone sees you, the way you
talk, sit, walk, and look will give them an overall analysis about you. It is teaching me to see myself in someone else's perspective. Not only
am I learning about outward beauty but inward beauty as well."

Melissa Galgalan

If this material can be helpful to you please feel free to use it.
It is available on the "By The Book" page.

Pastor Kirkland

FairHavens Baptist Church
Sarnia, Ontario

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