Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Worthy is the Lamb - Rev. 5:12

While studying I came across this poem, the author is unknown to me. jnh

Until I saw the blood,
‘Twas hell my soul was fearing:
And dark and dreary in my eyes,
The future was appearing,
While conscience told its tale of sin,
And caused a weight of woe within.

But when I saw the blood,
And look’d at Him who shed it,
My right to peace was seen at once,
And I with transport read it;
I found myself to God brought nigh,
And “Victory” became my cry.

My joy was in the blood,
The news of which had told me,
That spotless as the Lamb of God,
My Father could behold me,
And all my boast was in His name.
Through whom this great salvation came.

And when, with golden harps,
The throne of God surrounding,
The white-robed saints around the throne,
Their songs of joy are sounding;
With them I’ll praise that precious blood.
Which has redeem’d our souls to God.

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