Friday, September 18, 2009

More Bear Attacks

Grizzly injures man

Written by Mark Nielsen
Citizen staff
Friday, 18 September 2009

Any thought Sam Chingee Jr. may have had that bears have trouble running downhill was erased Wednesday during an encounter with a mother grizzly.
"That's a total lie," Chingee said with plenty of feeling the day after the encounter.

The member of the McLeod Lake Indian Band was out with a colleague, Johnny Solonas, locating a back trail from McLeod Lake to Fort St. James when they heard a "woof, woof, woof" while going through some thick brush.

They retreated to a clearing on top of a bench where there was no brush between the mother, Chingee and Solonas, and her two cubs. The mother treed her cubs and then attended to the two humans.

Chingee, 50, knew better, but he couldn't help himself - he bolted.
"She came towards us and I didn't know what to do," Chingee, said. "I basically took my chance running down a slope, which was probably a 60 or 70 per cent slope with some trees on it.
"I took three, four steps away from her, angled away from her, and she came after me, probably because I ran, which wasn't the thing to do, but I figured it'd be different on a slope."

Chingee took refuge behind a tree and the grizzly stopped briefly about 30 metres away.
"I figured it was all right so I started moving again," he said.
He continued his retreat down the hill but she went after him again. Chingee's next move was to stop and shout.

"Her momentum kind of took her towards me and I just kind of stood there and she nipped at my leg," he said.

The result was three or four puncture wounds, but that was the extent of the Chingee's injuries as she turned around to retrieve her cubs and keep an eye on Solonas. Chingee, meanwhile, grabbed a stick and continued shouting.

Once the mother and cubs had left, Chingee wrapped some flagging tape around his leg to stem the bleeding and it took them about a half hour to walk the two to three kilometres back to their truck. He went to the doctor to get stitches and is now recuperating.

"The only time I left my gun behind and look what happens," Chingee commented, adding he had left his bear spray behind in the process of rearranging his pack.

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