Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Real State of the Union ...

In a word picture, we are at the homecoming banquet in our hometown as the coach is giving a speech. He has entered his third season of leading the team. Many game plays for the last two years resulted in losses and more interceptions than several of the previous coaches combined. The enrollment process is a problem while scholarships are being given to kids from other communities who do not love our town but the school board doesn't care. His game strategies have strengthened our competitors while the coaching staff is ecstatic and the head of the school board keeps assuring everyone that the rate of progress is awesome! And while the sports program is falling apart, they are leading the school to spend itself into debt.

And yet throughout the speech, was is the euphoria all about as the crowd is on its feet? He is an effective speaker, distancing himself from what has happened. But to separate rhetoric from the results of his administration, what is this trill to clap while he promises more new plays and strategies?

So now, wouldn't that be a shock? Would you really expect a standing ovation? Know this! It would never happen in my hometown because those people are way too sharp. And it would never happen in any of the cities where the pros live! True sports fans are not aborigines from the backside of some desert, people without an education or the ability to think about football. And they still always have a sense to win.

And yet it works on Capital Hill. With all of that hair spray and polished shoes, they appear to be smart people. But standing ovations! Somebody explain it to me.

from our old friend - Charlie Carlie

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