Monday, April 4, 2011

Greetings across and from the TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE....

... Canada

This morning I begin a two day trac to Tyler, Texas, my mother in law with be going home to heaven real soon. We are surprised she had been holding on this long. So please it you remember the Hallmark pray for us. Regena has been down in Texas for two weeks already, Andy flew in on Saturday from Germany, and our girls are there already. David and his family made it to Texas for Christmas to spent time with GG. BTW, I hear that Dave o'boy will get "peppered" today at the RCMP depot, I think he is in week six of his twenty-six weeks of training.

Next Sunday Bro. Josh Towns will be preaching for me here in Prince George, and I should be back the following Sunday.

I will try to keep folks posted, as to my travels.

Bro. Jeff Hallmark

Wear Red On Fridays
Prayer & Support the Troops
Canadian - Israel - US of A

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