Monday, June 20, 2011

The Top Ten Reasons I believe the Bible...

Thanks, Bro. Dean

The Top Ten Reasons I believe the Bible
is the inspired, infallible, preserved words of God!

1. The very first sentence tells me where the earth and universe came from and Who created it and that it only took Him six day not 6 billion years! The first chapter of Genesis tells us the order of Creation and verse 11 tells us that the first living things were created on the third day and the sun moon and stars were created on the fourth day, all animal and bird and creatures of the sea on the fifth day, and man on the sixth day. Chapter two tells us God ended all the work of Creation and rested on the seventh day. It only took Him three days to create all life with all it's symbiotic relationships and He only needed one day to create the sun, moon and stars!

2. Real science confirms it! Evolution is a religious philosophy ever evolving and ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth!

3. It showed me my sins and where I was going! The eternal Lake of Fire! It showed me how sin originated and broke the fellowship of God with man and woman and that satan, an angel who rebelled against God is a deceiver and a liar and the first to tell man how to evolve into a god!

4. It always tells the truth about all men and our behavior. It tells me God is not willing that any shou
ld perish but all need to repent and be instantly forgiven!

5. It tells me to love all men and how to tell them the truth!

6. It tells me what is happening today, tomorrow and forever!

7. It tells me what will happen today IF I ignore His help!

8. It tells me God is going to recycle the universe in a moment of time and then recreate every living thing I suspect it will only take 6 days!

9. It tells me the new heavens and earth will always exist without sin and death. I will enjoy the fellowship of the finest humans who have ever lived and the worst transformed by the saving power of the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ!

10. It tell me God loves and saves even the worst sinner when he turns from sin and unbelief to the One Who paid for all his sins in full! It can happen in a moment of time IF we are willing to call Jesus "LORD" and really mean it! Amen! Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!

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