Monday, September 26, 2011

Amazing Grace Amazing Missions

Our Annual Faith Promise Missions Conference.

Bro. Dave Wiebe - Church Planter of
New Life Baptist Church in Maple, ON

Sunday's offering has been counted and recorded, our missions giving for 2010/11 is $23,891.10. We are Praising the Lord for his goodness and faithfulness.

To admit, my faith was weak but not God's peoples faith. As we counted our commitments for 2011/12 we by faith will meet and add to our Missions budget again this year.  Why was my faith a little weak? We had four of our faithful givers moved over the summer. PRAISE GOD, HE IS FAITHFUL.

Tune of “Amazing Grace”
Amazing Grace how sweet the sound,
T0 those who know the Lord
But what of those who still are bound
And do not have His Word?

The many dangers, toils and snares,
Thru which we daily go,
Are nothing to compare, Oh Lord,
With what the heathen know.

Ten thousand years to sing His praise
Bright shining as the sun,
While lost men suffer endless days,
Their torment never done.

Since grace has meant so much to me,
My zeal must never dim.
I'll give myself, Oh Lord, to thee
To take thy grace to them.

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