Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I am back, for awhile

Greetings from the TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE... Canada

Since the first week of July, our lives have been "swifter than a weaver's shuttle..."1 with Revival meeting in Hinton, AB, trip to Castlegar, BC to pick up grandsons, to 'three day Bible club' at Rainbow Park, then two weeks of back to back Camp Yes, one Jrs. the other Teens. Now Camp Yes is held at Point Roberts, WA which is 802 kms from my house. Made the trip 4 times in a 13 day period, along with little sleep during the week. Teaching and Preaching both weekends, sure takes a lot of God's grace and power.

Now Regena and I are preparing to drive to the 'holy land'2 then a flight to London, England. Then a Euro-Star to Paris, and a Euro-rail to Germany to visit our son, Andrew and his family. Our return flight to the US of A is Tuesday September the eleventh.

Spruceland Baptist has a missionary, and two preachers filling in for my absent.

So pray for us as we travel, we hit the road on August 13 and return at the end of September. I will try to keep up with BP in our travels.

Bro. Jeff Hallmark

1. Job 7:6
2. East Texas

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