Monday, November 12, 2012

Christian Democrats -

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CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATS - or more importantly, who are you before God? (some “in-house” considerations).

In disappointment, I wonder whatever is DEDICATION TO CHRIST but to DEFECT FROM CHRISTIANS? I'm not angry nor to judge motives, knowing anyone can misread situations. We all do. Already, serious choices are quickly affecting the body of Christ, and not without warning. Are you aware of the new assault against Hobby Lobby? The problem explained:
"The Obama administration told a federal court today that the Christian business Hobby Lobby must obey the HHS mandate that forces religious companies to pay for drugs for women that may cause abortions."

God wants to know, a rhetorical question: Can anyone be for Jesus while living against Him? Or as Jesus asked, can we live for money, thinking we are living for God? Can disciples love life, choosing death to the unborn? Do we support the body of Christ while destroying people's godly values or their financial future?

This election is past, so let it rest, but the future is before us. Living in a culture of many watered down churches, faith is being put to the test. In a similar position as imposed upon Hobby Lobby of your financial future or your convictions, what will you do? Facing sure consequences ahead of us from the new definitions of "hate speech", what will you do? Friend, Daniel's character was determined because he had purposed to live for God BEFORE he faced the challenges of Babylon. Forced between ungodly values and God, he knew exactly what to do.

While we might not care to thank our brothers in Christ for our national leaders today, we thank God! While the pressures are building against Christians in the new America, believer friend, these become our opportunities to bring glory to God through the resolve to make righteous choices.

Daniel was never a Bible hero because he failed to choose for God. When tempted to wander and compromise the inspired Word of God, what will you do? And if you have been deceived, why must you be deceived again? The challenges are coming so what will you do? If you messed up in the past, then today can mark a new beginning in your life. Here we are on earth now but standing before God in one of His tomorrows. So why not determine today, what will you do?

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