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Happy New Year 2014

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This Poem came from Rhymes of Bible Doctrine (and other poems) written in 1949 by Benj. F. Dotson. I was given the booklet by my good friend, Dr. Dennis J. Brown. jnh
The new year, January one,
Tells us another year’s begun;
Adding one more span to the years,
Before the age-end soon appears;
Old nineteen hundred forty-eight,
Brought us so many things of fate;
The world’s outlook is not so bright,
The peace we hope is not in sight.

Nations are seething and in fear,
Worrying much that war is near;
They do not have that peace and calm,
For fear of the atomic bomb;
They fear America they say;
That is war we will lead the way;
They should know war of aggression,
Would ne’er be waged by this nation.

America wants lasting peace,
For wars of ev’ry kind to cease;
That nations should dwell together,
Doing good to one another;
Laying aside all suspicion,
Ev’ry act of indiscretion;
Live in harmony day by day,
We’re sure this is the Bible way.

But it won’t be, we’re sad to tell,
It would defeat a devil’s hell;
‘Twould also contradict the word,
Its revelations of the sword;
The age-end is too close in war,
Its Tribulation’s exit door;
It will bring the millennium,
That glorious age yet to come.

Cheer up, sad heart, lift up thy head,
There is One risen from the dead;
His soon return we are assured,
To reward those who have endured
The trials and sufferings for His sake,
Oh, let us for Him undertake;
His oft reproaches gladly bear,
Until we meet Him in the air.

By Benj. F. Dotson, D.D., Litt. D.
Pastor-Poet-Bible Teacher-Evangelist 1949

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