Saturday, June 21, 2014

Thoughts Left Over from Father's Day

This Father's Day, think of the influence of a man on souls of his descendants.

POLYGAMOUS FATHERS: A large hardbound book is about polygamous Jesse Smith, the cousin of Joseph who settled in Arizona. Jesse married five women and had 44 children. Now there are over 20,000 descendants, including the teachers at BYU. Think about when a family is so huge. He is in eternity, and sadly he has led them towards a tragic end.

CRIMINAL FATHERS: Ron Hutchcraft told of a criminal with over 1,200 descendants. Of these, 400 were wrecked by drugs, drinking, or sexual disease. 310 were beggars and 130 were convicted criminals. 60 were thieves, 7 murderers, and 20 learned a trade in prison.

CHRISTIAN FATHERS: The great preacher, Jonathan Edwards, was the president of Princeton. Following his linage are 100 college professors, 100 ministers, 100 lawyers and judges, 60 doctors, 24 authors and editors, and 14 college presidents.

Be careful about how our choices extend through the decades. Would we pass on a lukewarm faith to destroy who we love so much, our own children and precious generations to follow? God forbid! Be faithful to God! ~ C B

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jeftex said...

Thanks for posting this. God has been dealing with me a lot lately concerning my responsibilities as a dad. This really drives the point home.