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Rock Music, The Beatles, and Defecting Christians


How have the Beatles influenced America?

The Beatles were a rock and roll group out of Eng­land with an agenda in the 1960s. They had a huge impact for the popularity of rock and roll bands and for guys to wear long hair. "Rock and Roll" is from the ghetto terminology for fornication as pornography to be put to rock.

Rock music has a tendency to move a person towards having three important areas of life out of control: 1) the physical desires, 2) mental and emotional control, and 3) and spiritual beliefs. Rock was a major factor of the 20th century towards many youth having bodies, minds, souls and spirits that were totally out of control. It's as if the entertainers went right to Galatians 5:19-21 to say, "We have to make sure ALL OF THESE expressions are a part of our message!"

Rock and roll music has five central themes: 1) false religion, 2) satan and demons, 3) sex, 4) rebellion and 5) drugs. Did the music of the Beatles advocate these five messages?

1. What about false religion? Did the Beatles have an emphatic spiritual bias? Their press manager stated in an interview, "They are rude, they're profane, they're vulgar, and they're taking over the world! It's as if they've founded a new religion! They are COMPLETELY ANTI-CHRIST! I mean I am anti-Christ as well. But they're so anti-Christ, they shock me which isn't an easy thing." And their manager said, "They are the most anti-Christian group I know of." John Lennon said, "Chris­tianity will go. It will shrink and vanish. I needn't argue that. I'm right. I will be proven right. We are more popular than Jesus now. I don't know what will go first, rock and roll or Christianity." Lennon wrote about Jesus Christ in his book, A Spaniard in the Works, "He was a garlic-eating, stinken, little yellow, greasy, fascist, bastard, Catholic, Spaniard!" You obviously do not love the Savior if you ignore such blasphemy against the pure, spotless, sinless, Son of God! Christian, this Beatle was a public enemy against the One we confess and love! John Lennon, the mocking ridiculer of Jesus Christ, is in hell now! Without question, the whining little mocker and his detestable, devilish smut is stopped by God! (Revelation 18:22).

Jimmy Hendricks, who died of a heroin overdose at age 27, was the world's highest paid entertainer. He said, "Music is spiritual. You can hypnotize people with music. Then when you get them at their weakest point, then you can preach in to their subconscious what you want to say." George Harrison said, My Sweet Lord, was dedicated to lord Krishna, as can be heard in the background of the song. That is spiritual perversion! Why is there such an increase in the interest of Eastern religion, especially on campus? For one reason, many like John Lennon of the Beatles were practicing Hinduism and their philoso­phies come through their music. That is why God warns you to know who you listen to, because to some degree you will follow them. (2 Timothy 3:14).

2. What about Satan and demons? The last times are characterized by a reaction against God. Obviously rock music is gets rotten no matter which way you listen to it. On the White album of the Beatles, an entire song says number nine. Why sing such nonsense? You discover why when you listen to the song backwards to discover the real message, "Turn me on dead man!" The Beatles were advocating sex with a corpse! Backwards masking is Satanic! The satanic church says the Lord's Prayer backwards. Alister Crowley's book on witchcraft and the occult training of high priests said on pages 481-482, he was training them to think backwards. They wrote backwards, spoke backwards and listened to the phonograph backwards to get inside the next world. For more on backwards masking see "Hell's Bells."

So then, Christian, declare yourself! Do you love this message? Are you for Jesus or are you really for the devil when it better suits your tastes? Your friends may applaud that double position, but Jesus exposed this defection to say, you cannot serve two masters (Matthew 6:24). It will make precious little difference what the contemporary community finds acceptable when you stand before Jesus Christ! (Revelation 22:15).

3. What about sex? Any group that would promote sex with a corpse is capable of all kinds of sexual atrocity. Here is what the Beatles encouraged for YOUR DAUGHTERS in the song, She's Leaven Home. "She's have'n fun! Fun is the thing that money can't buy, something inside that's always denied for so many years! Bye, bye! She's leave'n home. Bye, Bye!" That was a hit! I wonder how many girls grew to love that song being played by some wicked, vile, vulgar disc-jockey on their heathen radio station, left their virginity and left their parents to favor the Beatles advice? Even Jesse Jackson who is hardly a conservative "Gospel" preacher, warned, "Our responsibility as a movement, must be met by speaking out against the people who are putting these songs on the air and in the stores. Our children's minds are being adversely affected and there is a definite correlation between the rising rates of illegitimacy and increas­ing number of abortion and songs about sex!" This adverse affect on the radio is still totally accepted by some Christians. Some young people say, "I don't rush out and jump into sin every time I listen to that kind of stuff!" They may not! But are they drawn closer to the Lord? While Satan says, "Listen!" God says, "Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart" (2 Timothy 2:22). Rock singers testify that their beat turns on the human body to sex.

4. What about rebellion? Rebellion is so serious that it is as the sin of witch­craft (1 Samuel 15:23). Lucifer, the leading musical angel, was cast out of heaven because of rebellion. He started rebel­lion and he totally perverts and co-authors his music today. John Lennon, a Marxist Leninist, sung, Sometime in New York City, which was obviously a promotion of revolution. He said The Working Class Hero was the theme song for the revolution. Why was his hero Mao Tse Sung? At one time their hit Back in the USSR was the fastest selling record in history, according to Capital Records. Don't fool yourself to think the Beatles were foreseeing the collapse of Communism; they worshipped it! They claimed, "Our music is capable of causing emotional instability, disorganized behavior, rebellion and even revolution." Rock music has a way of fanning the coals of rebellion within the breast of a young person! Then that young person is deeply burned when their fire burns out! The Beatles! Those traders! Those Judas Iscariots! Like the Benedict Arnolds of England! Those enemies of any kind of decency had an agenda that came straight from the devil! If you are content to let the devil's agenda go by unchallenged, then God pity you as you are a trader too! While a generation of Beatle-loving teens grew increasingly rebellious, who could an aching family hold responsible? We are not talking about the accidents of some naive singers. The Beatles PLANNED for rebellion and discontentment to take root in the young people. So who is responsible? The Beatles are guilty as well as anyone else who champions their cause! You have a choice to make wheth­er to co-partner in disobedience against godly parents or to amputate that temptation (Mark 9:42-50; 2 Timothy 3:1-5).

5. What about drugs? In the authentic biography of the Bea­tles, we are told they started using drugs from the beginning of their career. This means every time you hear their songs, you embrace the culture of addicts dedicated to LSD and narcotics! John Lennon told The Rolling Stones Maga­zine in 1971, the Beatles were engaged in pushing drugs through music. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was their song. Anybody endorsing the Beatles' music should not be ignorant that "Lucy," "Sky," and "Diamonds" are the code words for LSD What were the results? Why did we have such an increase in drugs and alcohol? Music got its message across but it did not happen overnight. People say, "That music does not affect me that way. You will not see me doing that!" Not right now! Our companions do influence our lives, and that includes the companion of the music one listens to! The last 40 years prove that. May God have mercy on those who do not choose their friends wisely! (Psalm 119:63). Backsliding for a person, a religious community, or an entire generation is usually just a little at a time.

From the Beatles era, some of the rock stars who paid with their lives included: Jimmy Hendricks who died of an overdose while choking in his own vomit; Jimmy Morrison of the Doors; Elvis Presley's whose body was pocked by needle marks; Al Wilson of the Canned Heat; Vinnie Taylor of Sha-Na-Na; Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols; Keith Moon of The Who; Tommy Bolin of Deep Pur­ple; Mama Cass Elliott; Robbie Mackintosh of The Average White Band; Graham Parsons and Gary Thain of Uriah Heap; Brian Jones; Janis Joplin died of heroin while having scraped away her skin to the bone with a razor blade; Bon Scott and John Bonim.

When John Baluchi died of an overdose, an article stated that Hollywood would not change. They would still use cocaine and they thanked rock and roll for introducing a "new drug." Their thought was that rock equals drugs!

Time Magazine concluded in a five page article on Septem­ber 22, 1967, about Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club, "It's drenched in drugs!" One wonders then, how could Newsweek Magazine write seven pages in 1978 to play it up? Tragic! Given eleven years, we see the drift leading us toward the death rattle of the Western culture! But the drifting true of secu­lar circles is also true within religious circles. Where Chris­tian leaders once gave an emphatic, "No!" to the devil's strate­gy, many are too pleased to disregard the Word of God, defy history, common sense and decency! God is angry with those who love to identify with wickedness (2 Chronicles 19:2).

There is a direct correlation between bad music and beastly living, immorality, indecency, dope addiction, LSD, filthy bodies, the festivals and concerts, the mini-skirts, lose morals, free love, homosexuality, effeminate men and long-haired guys. All of it goes together! It's DIRTY music! In nearly every case, those who have these tendencies listen to some kind of filthy music!

The Beatles rock and roll scoreboard is a cultural zero! And they remain a threat against today's most precious resource, our young people and even their parents. That music is against good taste, mental health and spiritual well-being. It produces sex-machine girls and dirt-ball boys. Their bands personal appearance got as bad as mid-evil times. They degraded love, sex, marriage, and upgraded lust. They mocked morality and encouraged fornication and sex with the dead. The Beatles attacked God, Jesus Christ, and Bible Christianity. That music expressed sympathy for the devil while it opened the door to paganism and the occult. They alienated children from their parents as they widened the generation gap. They degraded love for a person's nation as they preached violent revolu­tion. They tarnished the culture of an entire generation and then moved ahead to claim the next. They promoted and sustained the drug culture. Even radical people who honestly investigated it could call it the pits! The beat excites sexuality and the rhythm is sensual. The repetition is hypnotizing which can open the mind to exploitation. The Beatles' music is a moral, cultural and spiritual wasteland. Examining the loose Christian circles of some ministries now, one wonders, whatever happened to God's standard for our choices? (Phil­ippians 4:8).

Ladies and gentlemen, these DIRTY, LEWD, SENSUAL, VILE, FILTHY, VULGAR, SATANICALLY INSPIRED, ROCK BLASPHEMERS gave the devil a wide open door to attack our youth! Anyone who softens up our teens towards sitting around rock is going to FACE GOD OVER EVERY ONE THEY HELPED TO HEAR IT! How can those mangy long-haired stinking beat-necks, those men dedicated to destroying OUR CHILDREN (whom we LOVE and for whom we PRAY and whom we TEACH and for whom we WORK and whom we TRAIN AND SACRIFICE and whom we PROMISED GOD TO BE GOOD STEWARDS OF OUR PARENTAL PRIVILEGES), singing their rock and jerky music, their hippie music, their dope and narcotic music which is nothing more than an all out effort by the devil to destroy another generation, BE TOLERATED AND ADVOCATED BY ANYONE WHO CALLS HIMSELF CHRISTIAN? We have fallen into a back-scratching, ear-tickling, compromising, pussy-footing, penny-pinching, nickel-nipping, pink-tea and lemonade generation to let this kind of thing pass far too long! And I'm disgusted with any Christian leadership that simply rolls over to let these dirty, perverted, rock music pushers ruin our churches, brainwash our children and set them up for apostasy! We need some strong, God-fearing preachers! We need some indignant Christians! We need someone who will stand up and say, "THIS IS WRONG!"

I doubt if anything gives the clues to reveal the character of a person or group as much as music. Our hearts are the barometers for spir­ituality (Proverbs 4:23). The music points to the condition of the heart of anyone in a group as music reveals what we are! The Beatles music is still available. If you purchase this tool Satan uses to gain control of peo­ple, GOD PITY YOUR WICKED SOULS! Destroy every tape and every magazine of those demonically used singing groups.

Parents, we need our young people in a church and in a school that will support our families in our stand against the devil and his music strategy. I taught my kids to know something about GOOD music and I wanted them to know rock music is HEATHEN!

Any institution that calls itself Christian ought to dedi­cate itself to training young people who sing right, dress right, talk right, act right, and are cultured, refined, decent, and Christian! Some of us still believe the head of the peniten­tiary should run it, the inmates should never run the asyl­um, and immature people should not help to lead a school! Be on guard against those who oppose the clear Word of God! (2 Timothy 4:15). My Bible says when someone tries to destroy my children, I ought to do something about it! When someone is trying to sell drugs and promote it by their singing then serve it to my children, I am responsible to STAND UP AND FIGHT THEM! Those who thrive on listening to the devilish, heathenist, atheistic haters of Jesus Christ ought to be repudiated! The Beatles' compost heap is designed to make Satan look appealing and Jesus look appalling! SO TURN IT OFF!

You think, "If I confront people, we will lose some position lose friends, or face intimida­tion, embarrassment and accusations!" The real question is, "Has the salt lost it's savor?" "But," people respond, "I like the music." That never has and never will excuse you for disobeying the Word of God! It's no excuse for heathenism, no excuse for wrong, no excuse for worldliness, and no excuse for rock music. The time has come when God's people are going to have to put up or shut up, get in or get out, get hot or get cold, get on or get off, and DECIDE if you are going to identify with God or the devil's crowd! There is more to this than our preferences! First, there is the declared will of God. Secondly, there is a generation at stake! Our kids and lots of adults! What can be done will be done because of leadership, parents and Christian leaders who still care. Can you say the Beatles enhance and nurture a good mind as the mind of Christ? (Philippians 2:5). Our young people struggle against the world, the flesh and the devil! Are you helping to strengthen or helping to destroy them? "Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is NOT in him" (1 John 2:15). God help Christian people to have enough courage, backbone, and consisten­cy to teach young people the sure evils of rock music! Parents do their young people a disfavor when they do not know what they may be doing with their lives. Lots of parents are too filled with their own things to be a help in the real battles of their children. While adults say their house will serve the Lord, many have an altar of worship to Satan in the child's bedroom! (Deuterono­my 7:26). Parents, if you have this trashy music in your home, there is a verse that just fits your needs (1 John 1:9) and there is an altar that just fits your knees.

Man calls sin a TRIFLE - God calls sin a TRAGEDY!

Man calls sin an ACCIDENT - God calls sin an ABOMINATION!

Man claims sin is my WEAKNESS - God says sin is my WILLFULNESS!

Man calls sin my LIBERTY - God calls it LEPROSY!

Man calls sin a DELIGHT - God calls sin a DISASTER!

Man says it was just a CHANCE - God says it was your CHOICE!

Man says it was just a BLUNDER - God says you are in BLINDNESS!

Man calls sin simply a DEFEAT - God calls it DISEASE!

While a lot of people are busy renaming sin with new, softer terminology, the centuries of time have not turned God from His perspective at all, so neither will the decades of our lives. Remember, God is not a respecter of persons regardless of how you feel. Everybody, someday, somewhere is going to stand before a holy God! There is not a person among you who will not SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE, STAND BEFORE A HOLY GOD! Do you understand what holiness is? Where do you stand? Find out where God stands on any issue, and then go and STAND THERE WITH HIM! (Col. 1:18).

Article submitted by Charlie Carle.

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