Thursday, March 29, 2007

From our Stewardship section of our bulletin.

One question and answer each week.

Isn't tithing just an old Jewish Custom?

ANSWER Tithing precedes the Hebrew race. The first brothers, Cain and Abel, brought offerings to God in
recognition of His ownership and their stewards. From the beginning of known history man recognized it as a duty to give a portion of his income to God and that portion was the tithe.

Is tithing taught in the New Testament?
ANSWER. It is not repealed in the New Testament, and there is no reason why it should have to be. But it is
taught in the New Testament, Paul gives tithing as a basis for the regular
Church finances in I Corinthians 9:13-14. He declares that the gospel
ministry of the church is to be supported as the Levites (Numbers 18:21);
that is, out of tithes.

What did Jesus teach about the tithe?
ANSWER. He paid it (Matthew 5:17). He sanctioned it (Matthew 23:23).
He has the right to receive it (Hebrews 7:4,5,8,).

How can I tithe when my husband (or wife) does not believe in it?
ANSWER. One is responsible for the use of that which is his
own. Husbands, or wives, can have a clear conscience on tithing that which
they individually have. Luke 16:2; Romans 14:12

How can I tithe when I find I have nothing left after my bills are paid?
ANSWER. one does not tithe from what he has left; he tithes
first. Proverbs 3:9

How can children or adults who have no income tithe?
ANSWER. Children who receive money from parents, and adults who come into possession of
money can give the Lord a tenth of all they receive. II Corinthians 8:12
I believe in tithing. How can I tithe when I am so deeply in debt?
ANSWER. God is your preferred creditor and you should pay this debt
first. It is not right to rob God of what is justly His in order to
satisfy another creditor. Malachi 3:7-9

We have just married and have barely enough to live on, how can we tithe?
ANSWER. How can you not afford to tithe? To neglect your greatest Partner
in life is to disregard your greatest Provider. Matthew 6:33 If you read
verse 31, you will find that the necessities of life, food, etc. are
promised by God.

How can I tithe when I feel my first obligation is to my family?
ANSWER. I Timothy 5:8 says, "But if any provide not for his own,
and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is
worse than an infidel." But the Bible also states in Matthew 10:30, "He
that loveth father or mother more than Me is not worthy of me; and he that
loveth son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of me."

I began to tithe several times, but haven't kept it up, shall I try again?
ANSWER. By all means. Just because you fail to pray, you don't give up
praying. It is expected that you be faithful in tithing as well as in
other ways of Christian living. I Corinthians 4:2

I cannot tithe now, but if God blesses me in a material way, don't you

think it is all right for me to promise to tithe?

ANSWER. If you are not tithing you "little" now you will not tithe
you "much" later. Luke 16:10

Do you think God will increase my material my material blessings if I tithe?
ANSWER. God does make a promise in Malachi 3:10 about blessings. But the
kind, whether material or spiritual, is in the hands of God to
give as He sees best. You may be sure God keeps His promises.

Can I count as a part of my tithe the money I give to good causes outside the church?
ANSWER. In I Corinthians 16:2, you will note it says,"...lay
by in store..." Malachi 3:10 emphasizes bringing all the tithes into the
storehouse. This means nothing else, but the bringing of a tenth of ones
net income regularly to the house of God.

Should I tithe if I don't like the way the church handles it?
ANSWER. Yes, because you are to tithe unto the Lord, and not unto the church.

I wish to tithe, but just when should I?
ANSWER. I Corinthians 16:2 sets the time as"...upon the first day of the week."
Tithing thus becomes a part of your regular worship, when you come to the house
of God every Sunday; it is worship, like prayer and praise are worship.

Do you think the practice of tithing will make me happy?
ANSWER. Yes, for obedience to Bible teaching always brings happiness.
How can one be happy, if he has to live with a condemned conscience?
John 13:17 and Matthew 25:23

Does tithing have anything to do with my spiritual life?

ANSWER. It certainly does. Read the parable of the unjust steward.
Luke 16:1-13. Note especially verses 11 and 12.
Will tithing give me a deeper interest in the Lord's work and cause?
ANSWER. A personal investment in anything brings a personal
interest in that thing. Matthew 6:21

How shall I figure my tithe?

ANSWER. If you have a salary, give a tenth - not after the taxes
are taken out - but before. If you are a business,
then give a tenth of your income. If you have no regular income, then give
a tenth of all that passes through your hands as your very own.

How can tithing be made easy for me?
ANSWER. Tithing will be made easy for any Christian who will
follow the instructions given in II Corinthians 8:5.
"They...first gave their ownselves to the Lord."

May God help us all to grow in the grace of giving.

Bro. Jeff

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