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Laughing Charismatics ... pt. 3

Continued from last Monday March 19, 07

With real concern for The Third Wave,

Word-of-Faith, Signs and Wonders,



What's going on in there?


Many of the nationally-applauded, crusade-speaking, book-writing, TBN-appearing heroes of the Charismatic Movement preach or cooperate with a false gospel. They are busily advancing serious doctrinal defections from the faith.

David Cloud, the editor of O TIMOTHY attended The North American Congress on the Holy Spirit & World Evangelism with press credentials. About 40 denominations from 50 nations and roughly 200 speakers joined forces in Indianapolis for the 1990 conference. Participating were Jack Hayford, John Wimber, C. Peter Wagner, Karl Strader, James Robinson, Bob Weiner, Charles Kraft, Paul Cain, Larry Lea, Charles and Francis Hunter, and Charismatic Roman Catholics.

Larry Lea babbled, "Bubbly-ida bubblyida hallelujah bubblyida shallabubbly shallabubblyida kolabub-blyid gloooooory hallelujah bubblyida." No dictionary in the world will back up his LYING "tongue"! A nun gave a message and also spoke with a nursery babbling "tongue." Obvious sin (1 Cor. 14:34)!

The lessons taught included such staggering heresies as:

-- baptismal regeneration, (one who is "baptized regardless of age is 'born again'!")

-- the gospel is thought to be "Jesus Christ is Lord!" (1 Cor. 15:1-4).

-- knowing "Mary" personally as we do Christ!

-- a Litany to Mary (as the "Refuge of sinners...conceived without original sin,")!

-- transubstantiation for the Lord’s Supper!

-- praise to God for purgatory!

-- Mary is important part of evangelism!

The unity statement read, "We will accept one another as brothers and sisters in our one Lord Jesus Christ...Among our churches, denominations, groups and ministries, there may have been times of tension, opposition and conflict. We wish to put these times behind us, by the grace of God. In view of the call we all have from the Lord to enter into this relationship for common work, we want to express our mutual personal respect and our respect for one another's ministries. We will speak well of one another and support one another whenever possible."45

Oh the sorrow of a false hope when poor religious people stand before the Great White Throne of God! What pitiful leaders who band together and rob them of a sense of need! How could an honest evangelical sign any such statement? The Gospel is one of the true essentials of the historic Christian faith! These Charismatic preachers compromised with the doctrines of devils (1 Tim. 4:1-3)! World evangelism by the year 2,000? How are they doing? A false gospel leads a lost and dying generation straight to hell!

What man on the earth personifies real Roman Catholicism? The pope is the leader! He "bears such titles as 'His Holiness,' 'The Vicar of Christ,' 'Holy Father,' and other names which can only be claimed by the Almighty Triune God Himself. Pope John Paul II brought together leaders from most of the world's heathen religions in Assisi and had them pray with him for peace in the world -- praying to the god of fire, to the god of the big thumb, to the god of Allah, to the gods Shiva, Ram and the other pantheon of Hindu gods, to the gods of the rivers and sky and trees! John Paul II is so infatuated with the false Mary of Catholicism that he visits the Mary shrines in each country he visits, and embroidered on his garments are the words in Latin which mean 'Totally yours, Mary.' John Paul II, in speaking to the World Council of Church leaders last year, said that 'we have been incorporated into Christ through our baptism and thus we are already one in baptism'"46 What an admission! "One" with the apostate World Council of Churches!

Coach Bill McCartney attends a Vineyard Church. He and his pastor are deeply involved with the Promise Keepers. Some true spiritually hungry men wanting to do right attend to seek encouragement. But is it good? The Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper quotes Jack Hayford saying, "Redeeming worship centers on the Lord's table. Whether your tradition celebrated as communion, Eucharist, the Mass, or the Lord's supper, we are all called to this centerpiece of Christian worship." Hayford is an interesting orator. His chameleon approach is clever, but unacceptable to God! The center for Christian worship cannot include re-crucifying our Lord or transubstantiation. This unity embraces what is disgusting to God! Jack Hayford is nurturing apostasy and spreading that from thousands of Promise Keeper men into the churches! We are not all one and the same as he infers! This kind of ecumenical unity-at-any-cost plays right into the hands of the antichrist!

The March for Jesus, 1995, was promoted under the banner, "Together for the Gospel." Special speakers preached beforehand that the march is a signs-and-wonders kind of warfare. The promotional endorsement page pushed for unity, quoting ten leaders including John Wimber, C. Peter Wagner, and Jack Hayford. How could godly Christians even consider endorsing this kind of togetherness? God's commands are so strong about both defective doctrine and false prophets! When is it right to identify with another gospel (1 Cor. 11:4)? Is it time to march with their team or is it still right to walk with God? The problem is so clear! "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" (Amos 3:3).

The Lord often rebuked religious majorities. Some say, "How can it hurt? I don't march for Wimber; I march for Jesus!" The sincere zeal to take a visible stand for Christ is a true and honorable motive. Christian friend, please do not react emotionally or be offended. The issue is are you willing to examine what God says about this kind of unity? Real champions of the faith do not follow crowds! God's man, Elijah, stood apart from the false prophets. Where would you draw the line on linking arms "across denominational barriers"? God rebukes the toleration with apostasy in any form!

You may say, "Oh, but I like these warm people! I like the Pope! I like Jack Hayford!" Do you love Jesus is the real point? Jesus firmly stated, "If a man love me, he will keep my words" (John 14:23). Will you follow the TRUTH?

"Howbeit when he, the Spirit of TRUTH, is come, he will guide you into all TRUTH: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me" (John 16:13-14a). A Holy Spirit centered movement is not of God. Unity outside of the "the Word" and "the TRUTH" is not of God! "Such doctrinal confusion has nothing to do with Christ's prayer in John 17. Seven times in that prayer the Lord Jesus referred to 'the word' and 'the truth.'"47 The prayer of Jesus will be answered when the redeemed of God gather from every nation on the earth (Rev. 7:9). You can be sure, the true Holy Spirit of world evangelism is the Spirit of "TRUTH" (John 14:17; 15:26; 17:6).


How important is "Thus saith the Lord" to you? Will you follow a false teacher or God? We are to expose the false teachers, not join them.

"Doctrine" safeguards the flock. And "tears" mark the seriousness of defective doctrine. The devil wants to get false teachers into churches (Acts 20:28-32; 2 Tim. 3:16).

Unity that lacks doctrinal purity is not of God. "Mark" and "avoid" those who cause divisions and offenses contrary to true "doctrine." They may sound good, but they serve their own belly (Rom. 16:17-19).

We are to separate from immoral Christians (1 Cor. 5:9-13).

We must not unify with unbelievers (2 Cor. 6:14-7:1).

Some believers at Galatia joined spiritual renegades. Adding, subtracting, complicating, and corrupting the gospel is fearfully wicked. Perverters face condemnation (Gal. 1:6-9)! Yes, God means exactly what He said!

We must separate from the program of the unsaved. Expose them and oppose them! This means show them to be guilty (Eph. 5:10-13).

We are to separate from fellow Christians whose behavior is contrary to TRUE doctrine. We are to censure them (2 Thes. 3:6-15)!

False "doctrine" is divisive. "Withdraw" and "flee!" The divisive ones are the false teachers, not the separatists. False teachers may sound exciting and eloquent; but they are conceited and ignorant according to God. We are not asked to make this judgment about their character; God already has! Their teaching results in strife. Such teachers often cut down, intimidate, and judge. And they gain wealth from religion (1 Tim. 6:3-5, 11).

Like Hymenaeus and Philetus, the babblers destroy people's faith. "Depart" (2 Tim. 2:16-19)!

In the last days, the "corrupt" and "reprobate," like Jannes and Jambres, appear godly while they resist TRUE "doctrine" (2 Tim. 3:5-10).

Those with "sound doctrine" will want to deal with "deceivers," stop their mouths and follow God's directive to "Rebuke them sharply!" Paul instructs us not to be timid (Titus 1:9-13).

"Reject" divisive Christians who foster ideas contrary to Scripture. "Heretick" comes from the word schism. Our divisions come as error is introduced. Inclusivism allows heretics to win control of the group, then to force cooperation toward apostasy. In the end accepted heresy excludes the biblical position and whole groups of churches fall into condemnation (Titus 3:10-11).

Those who leave the LIE, turning to the TRUTH, may discover old friends who have been preaching that we should love all the world, turn to persecute them (1 Pet. 4:4).

"Love" does not overlook bad doctrine! Betrayers pose as biblical teachers. No base of operations or encouragement is permitted to be given to them (2 John 6-11).

"Contend" or fight for "the faith," our body of TRUTH (Jude 3)!

Any erring church indifferent to integrity and holiness, needs to remember that Jesus is prepared to do battle against it (Rev. 2:14-17).

Believers are responsible to "come out" from apostasy (Rev. 18:4)!48

Should our so-called "great work for God" be to "unify the churches" or "usher in the Kingdom?" No! That is just human reasoning. No nation ever impacted the world like America with all of the denominational diversity. The countries that honor the unified religions are ever prone to fall into apostasy!


The logic that we should all fellowship together since we will in Heaven is gravely dangerous. The "do-gooder" unity-seekers redefine and reduce the scriptures until little of substance is left. Godly New Testament believers resisted all pressure to patronize false teachers, seek association, accept their sponsorship, the increase of their numbers, sending them converts, adding to their prestige, following them around, inviting them to open meetings in prayer, or obliterating our all important God-given distinctions! When has anyone involved with the great ecumenical conferences, crusades, or marches rebuked false teachers (Titus 1:13)?

Be faithful! Too many "follow Jesus" for the sensational; but when it comes to His unpopular teachings, they are not supportive (John 6:60)! As Bob Ketchum once said, Find out where Jesus Christ stands on any issue; then go there and stand with Him!


Non-Charismatics are not strangers to a sovereign God who performs miracles. For years Christians stood back as not impressed with what is passed off as tongues and any other sign-gifts for this period of the Church. Too many Charismatics totally disregard the clear instructions for the function of biblical gifts!

Charismatic friend, clearly no church, family, or Christian will function with perfection on this side of Heaven. Thankfully, you can still find churches that are very intent on glorifying God by obedience to His written Word. They are often small, but faithful and firm. Is God's concern first for our purity or size? It is for purity (Rev. 2-3)! Size does not assure God's approval. The danger for dishonor is greater with greater size (2 Tim. 2:20).

You may have been saved in a Charismatic Church or been a member for years, and you found help. I do not write to dishearten you. I write with love and concern. "Open rebuke is better than secret love. Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful" (Pro. 27:5-6).

The charismatic role-model, the Corinthian Church, was guilty of tolerating quarrelsomeness, carnality, immorality, improper lawsuits, the violation of Christian liberty, insubordination of women, abuse of the Lord's Supper, indecency, pride, divisiveness, ignorance of spirituality, confusion about spiritual gifts, and disorder.

Pentecostalism started through a group with very serious doctrinal perversions in 1901.49 Pentecostalism gave birth to the Charismatic Movement in the 1960's. Then the grand-children are the Signs and Wonders50 and the Word-Faith Movements of today. The Oneness Pentecostal cult came from a Pentecostal revelation. The Pentecostal and Charismatic movements are young but very large. Twisted and extreme theology is where the most radical growth appears to be taking place.

The Charismatic movement is in trouble when the ones held in such high esteem leave TRUTH. It follows then that someone is a deceiver and someone is being deceived. As demonstrated, this movement is an easy prey for Satanic LIES. Why shouldn't Christians ask, "What could possibly be next?" Beyond all of the religious excitement is an alarming evidence of theological poison!

Can we rationalize that it is acceptable to remain in a church, as the Roman Catholic Church, because some Protestant churches turned from the TRUTH? No! We know the Mormon god has problems with changing his mind! He is false. The Bible God is very clear and He has not changed His mind; you get out of every church that abandons the TRUTH! "The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever" (Isaiah 40:8).

I urge you to prayerfully read a book that explains biblical doctrine. “The Charismatics,” by John MacArthur is very clear. Search the Scriptures, and think through your whole theological background. I pray God will help you find the way.

In a day when the Church and the New Age are steadily merging into one force, beware! All of us need to recognize the danger of drift. Many churches lost their moorings! Any kind of church that has left TRUTH is to be avoided. Discouraged victims of shallow Christianity often leave churches to join the cults! Let us pause and ask, "What kind of a conclusion awaits at the end of life's journey?" Would you hear Jesus say, "Well done!" or "Well, you're done"?

"The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity" (2 Timothy 2:19).


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