Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Early Christians

This came to my email box today.


1. Never incorporated with the state!

2. Never had a denominational headquarters on earth!

3. Never had businesses in their churches!

4. Never conducted seminars!

5. Never had a supreme bishop on earth!

6. Never used special clerical titles for ministers or ex-ministers!

7. Never wore clerical or religious garb!

8. Never allowed women preachers!

9. Never had earthly priests!

10. Never had a "Ministerial Association"!

11. Never used ornamental crosses!

12. Never used statues, prayer beads or candles!

13. Never admired relics of cloth, wood or stone!

14. Never gloried in numbers or physical wealth!

15. Never had the world's biggest ________ !

16. Never defrauded their people out of their money!

17. Never got involved in Pyramid Schemes!

18. Never had copyrights on anything!

19. Never, begged for money from the general public!

20. Never let the local politicians address their church!

21. Never practiced denominational politics!

22. Never mixed their faith with secular politics!

Ever wonder why?

They had the word of God and Prayer and a relationship with their Lord!

Thanks to Pastor Fountain.

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