Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Nothing Profound:

I was asked about Romney's answer about the Bible during the Republican debate. Clearly, he responded exactly as he did for the two years of his misson. Faking and lying becomes a way of life for the LDS missionary kids. I don't think they all know what they're doing perhaps, but I've met so many who lie on purpose just to get us to embrace their faith. Those who know Mormonism often note something Mitt said and comment with a little disgust but no surprise, "He lied!"

I'm waiting for Mitt on the santitized version of the LDS on Thursday. I wonder who will be the author of the sript, maybe one of the big guys from the Quorum or someone from FARMS maybe? But hey, we've heard it all if a person just visits Temple Square a few times. Mormons have JESUS CHRIST in their name and often larger than all the other words of their faith, so of course they're Christians . . . they say.

I sure wish some of our Christian friends could be there to confront Mitt the way that it happens down at the Salt Lake temple. One good question and suddenly an old ram right before your eyes turns into an old lobo. All of the sweet greetings and sheep bleatings become as the cry of a wolfpack in the Yukon on a cold windy night. With some deep growls, SURPRISE! The fleece comes off and you're exposed to their fangs. How ironic, as just a question about Jesus Christ is all that it takes. Then watch out as the pack-in-black moves in to surround you like a moose calf on the ice when they rush you out of their lair.

Our countercult brothers and sisters surely have their PCs warming up because Americans will need some good answers. And maybe someone will invite Sandra Tanner or Ed Decker to speak on a radio broadcast someplace. But just hearing Mitt before the media, it's one message for America. "Baaa-baaa-baaa!" Decoded - "blah-blah-blah!"

Mat 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
I just hope America is sharp enough to see through him.

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