Friday, December 28, 2007

Too Good For Just A Comment - The Devil's Brother

Charlie Carle sent me his comment and it was just too good and important a comment not to be posted so folks wouldn't miss it. Bro. Jeff.

Concerning The Devil’s Brother, I received this comment.

Happybeinglds comment - I just want to know why so many good "Christians" are so threatened by the Latter-Day Saints. Why are you so afraid of us that you (and so many others) feel the need to point out all of our faults? I don't see LDS members going through the history of the Catholic Popes to find errors in their doctrinal teachings.

Charlie’s reply -

Typically, any members of false religions feel persecuted to be exposed. With the JWs for example, to read their old issues is to see what their leaders said - but Christians are not supposed to know that so it offends them to quote their literature. Some Germans deny their history regarding the Jews but just look at the facts. Religious people generally miss that approval by God is not about feeling good, religious systems and experiences.

The Bible is about honouring TRUTH!

This allegation simply isn't true.

For example, to see the recent LDS films about Joseph Smith, it is sanitized and re-written history. They bait the world! The stories are about a poor prophet martyr-man with his lovely wife. So how do the LDS overlook all that about polygamy and over 30 wives?

The Christians are portrayed as confused, wild-eyed, ignorant devils who just love to persecute and kill. A fool burns a building with children in it and they laugh like madmen with the association being from Christians. So the hankies come out and the audience sniffles and dries their tears but it’s about as real as an animated "Rescuers Down Under."

The LDS talk about the murder of their martyr, but who tells about the old-west style gun-fighter who killed two men before he died? His gun is in the LDS museum across the street from Temple Square. The mob who took him out is continually implied to be the Christians but it was the Masons.

Those Masons warned Joseph Smith not to steal their secrets or else pay the price by blood so what did he expect? The stolen Masonic handshake is on the LDS temple in Salt Lake City. The LDS "sacred garments" include Mason markings. The ceremonies have been much the same but with some recent changes.

So the comment is really a mute point. LDS doctrine says you need to be sealed in their temple and be perfect with their commandments to live with God. That is nothing but lying "doctrines of devils" (1 Timothy 4:1).

The false religions do not intimidate us. We do not have as much problem with it as God does. He directs us to "contend", a biblical word meaning "fight". It is not "contentious" so we are not to attack personalities but simply to defend truth. Mormons, Roman Catholics, JWs etc get a spirit of contention over it but we are only obeying the Lord to "exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" (Jude 1:3).

As believers, we identify with Jesus as He exposed the worst hypocrites of the best religion of His day. He could look them in the eye as He exposed them and repeatedly called them a snake-in-the-grass (Matthew 23).

Clearly, our Lord was a lot harder on false religion than Christians are today. We sympathize with people who have been taught in error but we are going to keep witnessing and sharing the truth.

Charlie Carle

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Anonymous said...

I spent 2 days substituting in the high school a few weeks ago and I had to follow a student around all day ('technician' job). One of her classes was LDS Seminary - of course.

So I got to go with her - not 'had' ... 'GOT'! I learned soooo much.

One thing I saw was the 'Plan to Happiness' large as life permanently displayed on the wall. It showed that Jesus and Lucifer were brothers and Jesus won the Saviour battle.

Then they discussed it in class and the teacher said that "we all mourned and cried when our brother was kicked out of heaven with his followers"! Things I already knew - but to hear it with my own ears and that they are currently teaching it on a daily basis proves Mitt Romney KNOWS what the church believes so he was being deceitful.

From a friend,