Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Birthday Gift

For my birthday, Bro. Don Rice gave me this book - Behind The Scenes by A Pastor.

Preface To The 1994 Edition.

by Medford Caudill.

I remember the elderly gentleman who came into my bookstore one day and struck up a conversation about spiritual things. I soon found out that he was a believer in the doctrines of grace and we had some good fellowship talking about predestination and election. Then the talk turned to baptism. He was a member of a reform group. I stated what I thought the Bible taught concerning immersion and believers baptism. He said, "I studied those things out years ago and come to the conclusion that the Bible does teach immersion and does not teach the baptism of infants. My church believes the other way though, so what can I do?" Of course the answer to his dilemma was quite simple. Certainly, it was not easy but it was simple. He should have done exactly what the author of, Behind the Scenes, did. He should have left his church and joined the Baptists.

Baptism either saves or it does not save. If it does not save then there is no reason to impose it upon infants who have no knowledge of spiritual things. Or for that matter, on adults who have no knowledge of spiritual things.

The twin heresies of baptismal regeneration and infant baptism have always presented problems for, and eventually resulted in the persecution of the Lord's true churches.

We could do no better than to quote J.R. Graves who said, "Therefore, the institution of infant baptism is a tradition of man, a sin, and an abomination in the sight of God, and a curse to the Church and the world; a curse to the church, because it teaches men to believe and trust in the traditions of men rather then the commands and ordinances of God."

We command this book to our Baptist brethren in the hope that it will affirm that which they already know. We commend this book to our Christian brethren, who are not Baptists, with the hope that they will see the error and leave it for true baptism and true church membership.

Bro. Don has a good deal on this and other books.

Don Rice


Bro. Jeff Hallmark

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