Sunday, March 23, 2008

CEO Sunday of 2008

Today is the first CEO Sunday of 2008. The next CEO Sunday will be at years' end. What, I hear you saying, is CEO Sunday? CEO Sunday is the first of two days that many folks will be in church, showing up twice a year to hear the same sermons. That is why today is the first CEO Sunday for this year:

C _hristmas & E _aster O _nly

Are you one of the CEO crowd? If so all I have for you is three words: SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

You want blessings every day, but only show up for church twice a year.

You want the church to do things for you, and yet you do nothing for the Lord's church.

You want folks to pray for you, and yet, you do not pray for yourself.

Our country and the churches are no better than the people that make up their population!

Failing to assemble ourselves each week to be fed heavenly manna from the Father of all grace and mercy, we dine daily at the world's table and while eating humanism and applying man made solutions to spiritual problems! There are too many CEO folks in America. A person that will not stand for something, will fall for anything.

Having done all, stand this Sunday and every Sunday!

Grady Henley


Anonymous said...

Oh...that's good, Bro. Jeff! Thank you for posting it!

Lord bless!

Randy Scott said...