Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am a Baptist - Poem

I would rather be a Baptist,
Knowing now I'm saved by Grace,
Than to be doubting Methodist,
Possibly saved at the end of the race

I would rather be a Baptist,
So-called narrow doctrines hold,
Than to be a Presbyterian
And be formal, stiff and cold.

I would rather be a Baptist,
'Humbly with my Saviour go,
Than to be an Episcopalian,
Having all his pomp and show.

I would rather be a Baptist,
Following Christ by faith and hope,
Than to be a Roman Catholic,
And be subject to the Pope.

I would rather be a Baptist,
Knowing from God's Word I'm right,
Than depending on the water,
And be called a Campbellite.

I'm a Baptist now while living ,
And I will be till I die,
Now and evermore a Baptist,
And can tell the reason why.

(The above poem was written by T.O. Reese, a Southern Baptist pastor and evangelist in Alabama. The poem appeared in the "News and Truths" in December, 1924. This weekly Baptist paper was published by the First Baptist Church of Murray, Kentucky under the editorship of their pastor, H. Boyce Taylor.)

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Eric Prine said...

I'm not even Baptist, but I liked it. Very clever.