Monday, February 15, 2010

Baptist History Prints

The Baptist History Preservation Society currently has four Baptist history prints available for purchase. These prints picture scenes from our Baptist history and heritage. They were painted by nationally known artist, Don Adair, of Richardson, Texas. Many churches have purchased them to place in their fellowship halls, foyers, Sunday School rooms, and pastor's study. Be sure and go to the below link to view each print. The prints are pictured at:
As With Roses: The painting depicts the beating of the Baptist preacher, Obadiah Holmes, in Boston, September 5, 1651.
From This Sion: Depicted is the constituting service of the Sandy Creek Baptist Church, November 22, 1755. Shown preaching is Shubal Stearns.
Never To Be Forgotten: A scene from the life of Isaac McCoy, missionary to the American Indians. While returning home, Isaac received news of the death of his eldest son (the seventh to die on the mission field). He described the reunion on this sad occasion as a "meeting never to be forgotten".
A Lively Experiment: Depicted is John Clarke receiving the Royal Charter of 1663. Clarke had procured the charter for the Rhode Island colony from King Charles II as a protection of religious liberty.
The Baptist History Preservation Society
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