Saturday, February 27, 2010

Canada from an american

That Tom Brokaw "Introduction to Canada" video? See it now, while you can.

NBC may release a commemorative DVD of the network's Olympic coverage at some point, or it may not. Either way, there's no guarantee that Tom Brokaw's fine visual essay of Canada — a kind of "introduction to Canada" for viewers in the U.S. who may not know Canada from Carolina — will be on it. (CTV already has a commemorative DVD in the works. You can preorder it from CTV directly, or on iTunes, but it definitely won't include the Brokaw video.)

Many of NBC's TV programs turn up on Hulu, the complimentary — i.e. free — video site that NBC owns in part, but Hulu isn't accessible from Canada.

The Brokaw segment has shown up on YouTube, though, and it's worth seeing, even though it's nowhere near as effective when not seen in HD.

Grainy or not, you'd better watch it now, before it disappears again — possibly for good, this time.

It really is worth seeing, if you haven't already. Brokaw lends a certain gravitas and dignity that is sorely lacking in most Olympic TV coverage — on both sides of the border.

Go Canada

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