Saturday, May 15, 2010

Austin Bans City Employee Travel To Arizona

From my inbox - jeff

Resolution In Response To Immigration Law

Please put the city of Austin, Texas on your "DO NOT VISIT" list. It seems the city leaders, (leaders is very poor choice of words) has banned city employees from going to Arizonia. not visit Austin, Texas.
Am I to assume that the Obama-clones in Austin, Tx would like to move the capital of Texas to Mexico City, Mexico? What else should we assume? The only thing we can do is not visit Austin, Tx. Go to Arizonia unless you have a vacation already planned. and if I was going to Austin, Tx, I would not go now.
God save Texas from the likes of the leaders at city hall in Austin, Texas. the liberals in Austin City hall do not understand the difference between illegal and legal, but they will understand when tourist $$ ceases to come into the city hall.


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