Friday, May 28, 2010

Red Fridays May 28, 2010



Is an organization to promote support for our men and women who serve our country.

Our Canadian military has made many sacrifices in the name of peace, not only for Canada but for many other countries around the world.

Wearing Red on Fridays is a symbolic gesture to show fellow Canadians and our troops that we care and honour those who fought for our freedom, our peace, our resolve.

Our goal is to show non-partisan support for our military troops. We do not support any particular policy, political position, agenda or the nature of military missions. This support is for all Canadian Troops regardless of their activity if its here or abroad.

As Canadians we need to show support for our men and women that place themselves in harms way for all Canadians. They are our National Treasure.

United we stand for peace in Canada no matter of opinion, creed, religion, colour or race. Show you care by becoming a part of this sweeping support. Wear RED on Fridays to show you care.

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