Thursday, September 6, 2007

Keep On Keeping On

Perseverance: Keep On Keeping On

In the leaflet Keep on Keeping On, Leslie B. Flynn tells of a man who handed out gospel tracts on a street corner. After years of not seeing anyone trust Christ as Savior, he quit.

Two years later he happened to pass that same familiar corner and saw a person handing out tracts. He walked over to the stranger and struck up a conversation. He learned that a little more than 2 years earlier the man had become a Christian after reading a tract he had received at that corner.

"Many a time I've come back here to find the man to thank him," said the stranger, "but he never came back. So I decided he must have died and gone to his reward. That's why I've taken his place!"

Where have you been passing out Gospel Tracts?

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