Friday, December 26, 2008

With the price tag on

Greetings from the TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE... Canada

Just a few Christmas holiday thoughts from the Hallmarks.

With both Sara and Leah along with their families in Texas, and Andy gallavanting around Europe (he is station in Germany, but has traveled to Czech Republic and talking about going to Austria for snow boarding). That just leaves Dave and Melissa with us here in Prince George as far as family is concern. Dave always said he would be his "mom's favorite" because he will live in Canada.

So on Christmas morning we made our way (three blocks) to Dave's for breakfast. We opened a few gifts and watch as Dave and Melissa open their gifts to each other.

Well, you know most folks take off the price tags, well not Dave and Melissa. They leave the price tags on to show how good of a deal they got. I mean Melissa got Dave a hoody, well the original price was like $47.00 marked down to $35.00 with the final sale price of $20.00. Boy, was that a BIG deal with them, and every gift was that way. Showing each other how much they saved.

We had Dave and Melissa over for Christmas Supper and gave them their gifts. I gave Dave a gun case for his new Ruger 10-22 he had brought earlier this years. He made the comment that there was a side case in which he could carry his 'banana clip'. Melissa was quick to question why David would need that since Dave doesn't like bananas.

After supper I beat everyone in a game of 'chicken foot, and they made their way home through the snow and cold.

On Boxing Day, December 26 we had an open house here at the Hallmarks. We had 6 of our families and the Badurias from Quesnel, BC dropped by. Great time of food and fellowship.

Now onto the last Sunday of 2008.

God Bless,

Bro. Jeff Hallmark

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