Friday, October 2, 2009

Read Aloud and Rejoice


Abominations are repugnant

Abusive are restrained

Accusations are reviewed

Anger is replaced

Apathetic become responsive

Backsliders are revived

Beaten find refuge

Betrayers face regrets

Bitter repent

Bodies are refashioned

Carnal are repentant

Choirs have rehearsed

Compromise is reproached

Creation has retreated

Crimes are revisited

Cults are renounced

Dead are resurrected

Decision is reached

Defectors are restored

Demons rage

Devil receives retribution

Dignity is retrieved

Discouraged are refreshed

Disputes are resolved

Double-minded reconsider

Doubts are reprimanded

Dross is refined

Eternity results

Evil is repaid

Fallen are restored

Families enjoy reunions

Falsehoods get retracted

Fearful are reassured

Foolish face repercussions

Fugitive will relax

Glory is reflected

God is in residence

God is reverenced

God’s children are redeemed

God’s glory is replete

Gossips reform

Guilt is removed

Harmony remains

Harvest is reaped

Heathen are refused

Heaven is real

His Name is revered

History is retraced

Holiness is required

Home is reserved

Humble are recognized

Immoral face remorse

Judgments of man are reversed

Judge stands ready

Judgment is rendered

King shall reign!

Leaders are refuted

Liberals are resisted

Lord has responded

Lost are rescued

Loved ones are reunited

Mankind is recalled

Martyrs are resilient

Mockers are rebuked

Mourners rejoice!

Music is refined

Names are recorded

New birth is required

Persecuted are relieved

Persecutors are revenged

Phonies are rejected

Praise is reechoed

Proud are reduced

Prisoners are released

Problems are resolved

Prodigal is reclaimed

Provision is replenished

Rebels are reproved

Relationships are renewed

Religion is renounced

Saints are remembered

Satan is reprobate

Scoffers hear Him reply

Secrets are revealed

Sins are remitted

Sinners are rewarded

Slandered are represented

Suffering is relieved

Supply is replenished

Thieves face reckoning

Trusting are received

Universe is receding

Verdicts are repealed

Victory is realized

View is resplendent

Warnings are reinforced

Weary find rest

Wicked face responsibility

Widow is regarded

Witness is respected

Words are relevant

Worship has resounded

Thank you, Lord!

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