Saturday, December 26, 2009


Almost everybody agrees that one must be busy to be healthy and happy. But many Christians become frustrated and frantic because they are too busy. I don’t know how many times people have said, “I have so much to do I don’t know where to begin, The pressure is driving me crazy!” The answer is sometimes found in cutting back on responsibilities, but this isn’t always possible. Nor is it always necessary. Many people would accomplish more, with less strain, if they would make some mental and spiritual adjustments.

1. TAKE TIME FOR GOD -- Take time for private devotions. If it means getting up 15 minutes earlier in the morning, do it. As a Christian, you belong to the Lord, and so does your day. So commit yourself and your time to Him.

2. DETERMINE YOUR PRIORITIES -- Sit down and take a look at what you have to do. Ask yourself, “What should come first?” You’ll be more efficient then your ever imagined.

3. PLAN AND TRUST -- Set up a schedule for tackling work duties and consciously trust God’s provision. It will be wise to look well ahead, to set up a timetable, and to work systematically. Don’t worry about tomorrow’s demands. Concentrate upon what you must do today, and leave the future in God’s hands. As you trust Him and as He enables you to fulfill today’s responsibilities, you will gain assurance that He will also be with you tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. A combination of planning and trust will produce amazing results.

4. DO LITTLE THINGS IMMEDIATELY -- Get right at those small details that need attention - like making an appointment with the doctor, sending someone a card, or dropping clothes off at the cleaners. If you don’t , you’ll have an uneasiness lurking just above your subconscious, and this will tend to sap your energy. When you get the little things behind you, you’ll work better and more efficiently.

The trouble with most of us is not that we have too much to do, but that we aren’t going about our duties the right way, once we put God first, establish a good set of priorities, pan and trust, and quit procrastinating, we’ll begin to get more done. And we won’t drive ourselves or our loved ones crazy in the process!


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