Monday, December 28, 2009

Three Nice Rainbow Trout - Ice Fishing

With Leah and Jesse visiting up from Texas, Jesse our son in law wanted to try his hand at 'ice fishing'. Twas a great day for ice fishing as well, thanks to Bro. Andrew Baduria of Quesnel. We caught some nice trout on Dragon Lake.

Bro. Baduria and Jesse with Jesse's first catch of Rainbow trout.

We are allowed one fish per day, so with the three of us we caught our limit.

I must tell you, that there was the one which got away. His head was to big to fit thru the eight inch hole.

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Grammy Blick said...

When they return to Texas, tell them that we'd love to have them visit First Baptist Church of Cottondale, near Paradise. Sometimes it's difficult to explain our name -- Cottondale no longer has a post office, so Paradise is our mailing address. Talk about small!!!