Sunday, December 27, 2009


I planned a lavish modern home

Where wealthy friends could call,
But then I heard an orphan say,
“I have no home at all.”

I planned to buy a bedroom suite
So exquisite with charm
But then I heard a mother pray,
“Lord, keep my baby warm.”

I wanted then a freezer
To store my fancy food,
For mine was now old-fashioned
and not the kind that stood.

Just then across the ocean
Came this bitter, plaintive cry:
“But I don’t have a bite of food…
Please help me or I die.”

I bought a car for Christmas
It was for my loved ones dear,
But then I heard an orphan cry,
“I have no loved ones here.”

I spent a lot of money
for friends at Christmastime,
But when it came to missions,
I didn’t give a dime.

When Christmas was all over,
I reckoned what I’d spent.
It was so vast and large a sum
I could not but repent.

For it just seemed I heard that morn
A far-off mother say,
“How long ago was Jesus born
To take our sins away?”

Her words began to haunt my heart
For it had grown so cold
My children had the gospel light
But hers were still untold.

I vowed that day that I would give
And work with all my might
to win a lost and dying world
From sin and heathen night.


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