Sunday, January 12, 2020

I go mourning Psalm 3:6

January 12,   I go mourning.   Psalm 38:6

Psalm 38:6  I am troubled; I am bowed down greatly;
I go mourning all the day long.

But what is the cause of thy mourning?    There is nothing apart from Jesus worth mourning for, or beside sin worth mourning over.   It is because of the unevenness of thy walk with God?

On account of the deep depravity of thy nature?    Because men keep not God’s law?  Or because Jesus hides his face,    and your evidences fade and wither!

You may well mourn after Jesus,   but you must not despond;    for He will turn again,    He will have compassion upon you.

The depravity of the heart is enough to make an angel weep;     but forget not the precious blood that cleanseth,      or the promised grace that sanctifies.      Look not too much at the defects which appear in your walk, nor at the corruption which works in your heart;   but deal with the blood and grace of Jesus, as the means of thy cure.  Read and believe His promises;    confess and plead at His throne;     wait and watch in His ways;        be careful lest by inordinate mourning you grieve His Spirit. He cannot be unkind,  He never will forsake you. He was anointed  “to comfort all that mourn.”

Cease, O believer, cease to mourn;
Return unto thy rest, return;
Why should thy sorrows swell?
Though deep distress thy steps attend,
Thy warfare shall in triumph end,
With thee it shall go well.
James Smith

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