Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I luv 'watermelon'.

William Jennings Bryan thoughts on Watermelon seeds.

On Monday evening, our son and daughter in law, David and Melissa hosted a BBQ for number of friends in honour of our son Andy who is home from Iraq till the July 2nd. Along with hamburgers, hot dogs and the works. We enjoy some very sweet watermelon. This reminded me of this profound quote from William Jennings Bryan:

“A few weeks before, someone had planted a little watermelon seed in the ground. Under the influence of sunshine and showers that little watermelon seed had taken off its coat and gone to work; it had gathered from somewhere two hundred thousand times its own weight and forced that enormous weight through a tiny stem and built a watermelon. On the outside it had put a covering of green, within that a rind of white, and within that a core of red, and then scattered through the red little seeds, each capable of doing the same work over again.

Where did that little watermelon seed get its tremendous strength? Where did it find its flavouring extract and its colouring matter? How did it build a watermelon?

Until you can explain a watermelon, do not be too sure that you can set limits to the power of the Almighty or tell just how He would do it. The most learned man in the world cannot explain a watermelon, but the most ignorant man can eat a watermelon and enjoy it.

God has given us the things that we need and He has given us the knowledge necessary to use those things, and the truth that He has revealed to us is infinitely more important for our welfare than it would be to understand the mysteries that He has seen fit to conceal from us.”

Personal note - Today, I am traveling down to Seattle, WA. to pick up my oldest grandson. Nic, will be spending about six weeks of the summer with us. Pray for our safety in travel.

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