Thursday, June 21, 2007


Would you support a loyal follower of Charles Manson for president?

... David Koresk?

... Joseph Smith?

... Brigham Young?

Consider a man who reveres his training from that university?

Yet American politics gets more strange, foolish and sometimes wicked, possibly even prepared to honor men who are practicing in cults responsible for tragedies on the level of Jonestown or the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

The Mormon church lied about any responsibility for the Methodist wagon train . . . that is until recent years. At last, the facts are in as no one can deny the graves of the little children shot through their heads at close range.

Listen! Do tongues of deceit bother you?

As a united front, cultists use the mildest tones while sweetly looking into your eyes and continually lying, even for years and that without conscience! That's mind control! Here the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints again has controlled their leaders, brain-washed its people, and LIED to the world!

Cults are dangerous!

Type in "Mountain Meadows Massacre" on the web and see what comes up.

This movie, "September Dawn" is not produced by people with a religious agenda as it exposes the Mormon church and the chilling facts about their bloodbath of deception.

See the trailer at:

Mormon leaders cannot be trusted.

Mormon power controls its members.

Mormon billions cannot be counted.

Mormon movies rewrite history.

Mormon teaching will damn the soul.

Article submitted by Charlie Carle

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