Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Of Mice and Music

David Merrell performed an experiment to show the effect of the BEAT of different types of music. He assembled three groups of 24 mice (same age and weight). A control group, a rock beat group, and a classical group. He put them in mazes to see how they improved their ability to navigate.

The control group (no music) cut their time from 10 minutes to five.
The classical group improved from 10 minutes to TWO.
The rock beat group went from 10 minutes to THIRTY!!!!

David could not finish this project, he said, "I had to cut my project short because all the hard-rock mice KILLED each other, NONE of the classical mice did that at all." This was the result of the BEAT, unless mice have suddenly evolved the ability to discern the lyrics.

Contemporary "Christian" music has the same characteristics as rock music. The same beat, the same syncopation, the same backbeat, the same dulling repetition. Even if the lyrics are acceptable, the music can be of the devil.

By the way, Lucifer was created with inherent musical instruments. He is the master of music. Don't think that you can't be fooled by him.


Music Is Dividing Churches.- Dr. Hugh Pyle in the 5/2 Sword of the Lord said: "The admission of _beat' music into churches was bound to lead to this. Churches now have two morning services, one still resembling New Testament Christianity with sound Bible exposition and traditional music; the other, a laid-back 'contemporary' gathering with religious entertainment and rock 'n' roll. The driving beat of contemporary music is supposed to make the worldlings lose their distaste for religion and 'turn them on' to God."

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