Thursday, July 19, 2007



One early polygamist in Utah now has over 20,000 descendents. Today, many smaller groups still practice polygamy, one being the Kingstons. J.O. Kingston who died in the 1980s had 13 wives. His first wife had six sons and a few daughters and now her descendants alone number over 600 people. This ought to shock you as we hit the reset button to our thinking! 600 from just one of J.O.’s 13 wives! So who can count the myriad proportions of their growth rate?


The American potential is for the polygamists to outnumber the LDS church. The DVD, "Lifting the Veil of Polygamy" is really timely. There are many Mormon sects of polygamists besides the Kingstons. One problem with over a hundred kinds of Mormon religions is that they all claim to be the sole standard of truth, so all of the others are considered apostate. Consequently, polygamists tend to marry from within, which becomes a different problem, like a pyramid never founded on the Rock! For example, the Kingstons from about ten years ago entered into their third generation of incest, so the birth defects are rising! And what is their answer to these problems? A man will often charge a wife with her failure to be fully submissive, so its god’s judgment and her own fault that the children are born with problems.


This problem is not going to go away considering the present moral, political state in this country. In fact, the ACLU is throwing their legal weight behind legalizing polygamy. In the LDS thinking, their god is a polygamist. Just one of his many wives gave birth to spirit children to populate this earth. And many men plan to one day populate their own worlds with goddess wives. Under duress from the government, the main LDS church has conveniently surrendered the practice of polygamy, but for how long?


One lady who left polygamy in Manti came to Christ. She has a daughter in her forties, who is one of two wives. It’s a dreadful situation as she recently tried to kill herself for the second time and the polygamists will not tell her mother where she is. Their answer for troubled women is to load them up with drugs, like zombies, so they will not try to run away or take their lives.

Will this wife kill herself?

Will she ever find hope?

Is there a way that we can rescue her?

You pray!

Charlie Carle

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