Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting Ready for March Friend Day

This Sunday is our first of four Friend Days here at Spruceland Baptist Church.

Friend Days are March 29, May 31, August 30 and November 29 - each of these special Sundays have been declaried at Friend Day this year. We are having a 'fellowship meal' after the Morning Preaching Services, then an afternoon service.

March Friend Day comes with a Texas Style Bar Be Que, we have 20 lbs beef briskets, pork roast and 10 lbs of chicken. All slow cooked in Mesquite wood for some 12 hours. With all the trimmings bbq beans, green beans, potato salad and coleslaw. Sweet tea, lemonade and 'H2O' to wash it down with. Hummm

Here is our smoker/cooker for some real Texas Style Bar Be Que.

More shots from our Youth Spring Break

Not so great of a game to play since all the boys forgot their toothbrushes.
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Johnny said...

Brother I'm from Texas, and my mouth is watering! That food sounds good. In Croatia when they say the word barbecue they think of a pig on a stick. It's not bad, but yours sounds much better!