Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're # 4 ... We're #4...

Well, Prince George, made the list at nunber 4, we have lots of work to do for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Saskatoon, Canada's most dangerous city Published: Thursday, March 05, 2009

Saskatoon is the most dangerous city in Canada, according to Macleans' magazine.Richard MarjanSaskatoon is the most dangerous city in Canada, according to Macleans' magazine.

SASKATOON -- Saskatoon, followed by Winnipeg and Regina, is the most dangerous city in Canada, according to a recent survey by Maclean's magazine.

Basing its rankings on per-capita crime stats from 2007, the magazine claims Saskatoon is the most dangerous, with Winnipeg, Regina, Prince George, B.C. and Edmonton following behind.

Caledon, Ont. was named the safest city, followed by Oromocto, N.B.; Levis, Que.; Maskoutains MRC, Que.; and Halton Region, Ont.

The magazine gave Saskatoon an overall crime score of 163.23 "as a percentage difference from the national rate."

Winnipeg's crime score was 152.98%, followed by Regina (135.74%), Prince George (126.95%) and Edmonton (110.36%).

Other notable cities include Vancouver (eighth, 71.50%), Montreal (24th, 23.15%), Calgary (27th, 17.12%) and Toronto (29th, 11.66%).

Caledon's crime score was -86.69%, ahead of Oromocto (-82.41%) and Levis (-80.93%).

According to its website, "Maclean's obtained annual crime data from Statistics Canada for municipal police services with the 100 largest populations in the nation. Using 2007 rates per 100,000 population for six crimes -- homicide, sexual assault, aggravated assault, vehicle theft, robbery plus breaking and entering -- Maclean's calculated the percentage difference from the national rate for each of the six crimes.

"In consultation with StatsCan, we gave each crime equal weights and standardized the rates to obtain an overall score that measured each area's percentage difference from the national rate. Data from Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are excluded from the provincial and territorial score calculations due to their extreme crime rate values, which are inconsistent with the distribution of the rest of the country."

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