Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thinking on Sunday services

Three things preaching should accomplished in the lives of Christians.

1. Encourage - In God's World

2. Enlighten - In God's Word

3. Enthuse - In God's Work

More from our Spring Break Youth activity

First, place in our snow art.

Snatch the bacon. "grab it and I will tag you"!!!!

Stature in the snow, downtown PG.

Pastor Baduria's team

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Anonymous said...

Is that Bro Andy Baduria?? We knew him and his family in Spokane, WA. The first time the Lord dealt with us about Faith Promise Giving was a missions conference where Bro B was being sent out of Faith Baptist and needed to replace his bald tires. He got new ones. :o) Praise the Lord. It's good to see him still serving where God sent him. Say hello to him from the Gary Johnsons, now of AZ.