Wednesday, June 25, 2008


In 1828 Dupin, a famous French lawyer, investigated the legality of the Trail of Christ - -

1. The Lord’s apprehension was illegal.

2. That He being conducted to Annas was illegal.

3. Examination at night illegal.

4. Ill-treatment in the Hall of Caiaphas.

5. Proceedings on a Fast Day.

6. Caiaphas, the accuser to be the judge.

7. Testimony of witnesses perverted.

8. His own admission insufficient – reception illegal.

9. Outrages and blows illegal.

10. Condemnation of Jews for a capital offense, over which they had no jurisdiction, illegal.

11. Accusation of political crime of treason wholly different from that for which He was apprehended.

12. The charge itself false - - Christ never claimed dominion asserted.

13. Pilate acquitted Christ – further proceedings illegal.

14. Reference to Herod illegal. His trial before a competent tribunal had failed.

15. Acquitted also by Herod - - detention illegal.

16. Pilate, yielding to the clamors of the Jews against his own finding - - grossly illegal.

17. His last appeal to deliver Barrabas to them admitted the illegality of his action.

18. All the subsequent indignities including the ex3cution on Calvary - - grossly illegal.

19. His crime written on the Cross not that for which He was apprehended.

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