Wednesday, August 19, 2009

As I was reading ... Aug. 19 09

In my studies ....

Catholic/Reformed/Covenant Theology =

-The OT covenant continues with the church.

-The sign of the OT covenant is circumcism, the sign of the NT is baptism.

-Infant baptism regenerates and places you into the universal church.

-The church rules the state in a church-state theocracy, just as Israel.

-The church-state overcomes the world and then Jesus returns (post millennialism).

Pauline/Baptist Theology =

-Jesus fulfilled the OT covenant.

-The NT begins a new covenant.

-The new covenant is individual, not patriarchal.

-Baptism is immersion for believers only.

-The history of the church is dispensational.

-The great tribulation is Daniel's 70th week.

-The first resurrection occurs before the great tribulation. The resurrection is imminent.

-Christ return is premillennial. He returns the establishes His millennial(1,000 year) kingdom.

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