Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Book Review - The Quest For The Great Stones

The Quest For The Great Stones”
By Pastor James Nolan, Th. D.

Garry Matheny’s book “The Quest For The Great Stones” is based on Jeremiah 43:8-9 and is an impelling read for all who are interested in mystery, ancient history, and compelling facts which strongly support the accuracy of the translation of the King James Version of the Bible.

Three very interesting facts were brought out by the author, First was the location of ancient Tahpanhes, Garry Matheny , his wife Nancy, and their son Caleb went on an amazing search for the location of Tahpanhes and the great stones, their determination and perseverance eventually pays off, but without endless hours of research through hundreds of ancient archeological documents written in various foreign languages which needed to be translated, along with researching out artifacts in many museums through out Europe and Egypt. Secondly is the interpretation of the K.J.V. Bible of Jeremiah 43:9, Garry Matheny discovered that the K.J.V. was the only translation to interpret the noun “hand” singular and not plural in Jeremiah 43:9, this was significant because it then meant that the “Great Stones” could be held in one hand, something that was not considered by the archeologist who have searched for these stones that were hid by Jeremiah some 2700 years ago. Thirdly with the research and discovery of the Pharaoh’s house in Tahpanhes by Sir Flinders Petrie and a trail of documentation of smaller stones, led the Author and his family on one more desperate search which revealed an amassing find.
Of the many interesting facts and truths this book rings out, most compelling is how one small letter such as in the translation of the word “hand” rather than “hands” reveals the discovery of the “Great Stones” and prove the accuracy and infallibility of the K. J. V. 1611 Translation of English Bible!


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