Saturday, August 22, 2009

Over 40 tow trucks makes up funeral procession

From the PG Citizen -Parade tribute planned

The public is advised that due to an unusual funeral procession this Saturday, traffic can expect some major but brief disruptions.

The parade will be made up of numerous tow trucks is in honour of Ron Zacharuk, namesake of Ron's Towing and a popular community figure in Prince George.

"Even though this is a Saturday, this could potentially be very disruptive to traffic, so we will have members at the ready," said Prince George RCMP spokesman Const. Gary Godwin.

Over 40 tow trucks.

Looking down 1st ave.

Since I worked my way through PCBBC in Southern California driving a tow truck I wanted to get a couple of pictures of this Tribute Parade to the owner of "Ron's Towing".

Buck M. and Roger T were working for S&J Towing in Pomona, Ca. when I first started with them. Then as the graduated from PCBBC we helped others get a job as tow truck drivers. Rick W. is a pastor in Washington State and Ray H. is a missionary in Africa.

It was a great job for Bible College student, with some little down time to read. Every call was different, from T-4 ie... flat tires to T-C collisions. Working with Pomona PD, LA Sheriff office, CHP. Then there were a number of times repo-ing cars in the dark of the night for a couple of banks.

I kept my Bible on the dash, one time a fellow was cussing mad because his PU truck broke down. He climb into the cab of truck saw the Bible looked at me, then looked at the Bible again. Finally he asked if I was a Christian. Which open the door for witnessing for Christ. Wow, we had lots of opportunity to witness for Christ as a tow-truck driver.

BTW, my name on my service shirt - TEX go figure.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting some pics. It was a tremondous way to honor an exceptional man. Capturing these moments makes the moments last.

Bro. Jeff Hallmark said...

click on pictures to enlarge

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Prince George.
written by Propiercer , August 22, 2009 (11:55:03 PM)

Today the residence of Prince George witnessed the rolling tribute to a man who served his community with honor and dedication. As 59 tow trucks, deck trucks, heavy wreckers and service trucks rolled through the streets of Prince George. Bearing black ribbons from their antennas with lights flashing the quiet procession of dedicated roadway knights paid their respects to Ron Zacharuk. A friend and employer and a big brother to many of the drivers in the Ron’s Towing fleet, Ron’s passing hit home to many people who interacted with Ron over the years. Under police escort motorists and the public who took a few moments to witness the quite processions passing greeted the procession with respect and honour. To the folks who lined the streets, to those who held their hands on the hearts as we passed you, thank you for your time and your respect. To the motorists who wait for us to pass we would like to say thanks for your understanding.

Joining the drivers and staff from Ron’s Towing were representatives from other towing firms in Kamloops, Quesnel, Coquitlam, Vancouver and Victoria. Ron’s been a big supporter of community events and local amature sports his dedication to the motoring public was ever present. We thank the local RCMP detachment for their help in allowing us to conduct our tribute in a safe and effective manner.