Monday, August 31, 2009

Dave's First Moose

We left Prince George on Tuesday afternoon and drove into MU 7.31 and hunted and camped for the night. On Wednesday morning as I was walking along just 70 yards ahead of me I saw a cow moose and she saw me. What is did have me almost laughing out loud. She moved to the side of the road and stuck her head behind a small bush. She was watching me from behind the bush, yet her whole body was still on the road.

On Wednesday afternoon we drove up to Prophet River, just south of Fort Nelson, BC. There we set up camp for a few days. There Dave saw a bear and I saw a cow and calf.

Here two hunters had stop to visit at our camp. When they started using 'bad language', I just went to the cab of the pickup and grab a couple of gospel tracts. I gave them each a gospel tract and begin to witness to them, one man took off in less then two minutes. The other stay for another 15 minutes.

Camp Food- deer steak and eggs.

We left on Friday afternoon and headed south to Pink Mountain. It was just north of Pink Mtn that we watch a 'grizzle bear' for awhile.

While road hunting Dave saw a 'bull elk' some 1600 yards down a cutline. Dave using a 'cow-calf call' he called the elk within 2oo hundred yards of our truck. That was fun.

At about 4:45 on Friday I started supper and sent Dave into a cut block. I just added the chili to the hot dogs frying when - bang. One shot.

Dave shot his first bull moose, a standing shot at 200 yards.

As the crow flys the moose was .32 of a mile from the truck. It was a half mile of packing the moose across a clear-cut and along a cow trail.

We worked till 10pm deboning and packing moose. Had a can of soup, and went to bed at about 11:30 and woke up at 5 to start cutting and pack meat again.

On Saturday morning we had boned out some 300 + lbs of meat and headed home before the heat effected the meat.

We had a great time.

For those who prayed for us, we say Thanks.

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